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1857 Participants Toned Up CPMI 2016 in Yogyakarta

Taking place from Sunday (10/30) morning till evening, Canon PhotoMratahon Indonesia (CPMI) in Yogyakarta was attended by 1857 participants who were not only from Yogyakarta, but also from other cities/towns in Central Java, East Java and Sumatra. This annual event was held at Hartono Mall and officially opened by Deputy Governor of Yogyakarta, Paku Alam [...]

3988 Photos Submitted to SFI 2016

Judging process for photo competition in Salon Foto Indonesia/SFI (Indonesia Photo Salon) 2016 was already done in Yogyakarta. Juries have selected winning photos from 3,988 images submitted by 375 photographers participating in the contest.
Participants submitted their works in four categories, namely Monochrome Print, Color Print, Travel Photography Softcopy and Street Photography Softcopy category. Submission was [...]

Agus Leonardus Camera Museum Inaugurated

Agus Leonardus, a Yogyakarta-based photography figure, has inaugurated his camera museum in Yogyakarta. Called as “Museum Kamera 9art Agus Leonardus” (Agus Leonardus 9art Camera Museum), the museum has not been officially opened for public yet.
Attended by several invited guests including Sindhunata – a humanist from Yogyakarta, Risman Marah – founder of the Faculty of Recording [...]

CPMI 2015 Yogyakarta: ”We Never Doubt”

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2015 in Yogyakarta has raised one grand champion or top winner for its photo competition.  The grand champion is Muhammad Nurudin who will join a photo clinic trip to Japan as the grand prize despite a DSLR camera and a lens. Beside in Yogyakarta, CPMI 2015 will be held in [...]

Fujifilm Office Opened in Yogyakarta

President Director of PT Fujifilm Indonesia, Masatsugu Naito, has officially opened Fujifilm’s branch office in Yogyakarta today (10/12). Attended by several  Jakarta-based Fujifilm officials, some clients and X-photographers, the opening ceremony was marked by the cutting of tumpeng (Javanese cone-shaped rice with vegetables and meat) by Naito.
“Fujifilm always wants to be close to its customers,” [...]

“Memotret Pemotret” Visits Yogyakarta

Institut Seni Indonesia/ISI (Indonesia Institute of the Arts) Yogyakarta in collaboration with RGAbukabuku are presenting a photo exhibition entitled “Memotret Pemotret” by Roy Genggam. The showcased photographs are taken from photos published in a photo book with the same tittle, and the book itself was already launched in Jakarta on February 14.
Taking place at the [...]

1800 Photographers Joined Canon Photo Marathon in Yogyakarta

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2014 in Yogyakarta yesterday (10/19) was crowded with more than 1800 photographers from Yogyakarta and other cities/towns in Java. Taking place at Jogja City Mall, the event was successfully organized from morning to evening.
It has been four times for Yogyakarta to host the event since 2011. Last year held at [...]

Burma’s Rohingya in Pictures: Beyond Photography

“By presenting my works here I can help to engage the audience’s voice and diplomatic power of Indonesia in defending human rights of the Rohingya,” said Greg Constantine to Exposure after speaking at a seminar in Yogyakarta today (8/26).
Constantine is US-based award-winning photojournalist and the author of the acclaimed book “Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya” [...]

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia 2014 to be Held in October

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2014 is planned to be organized in October. However, there is no information yet regarding the date and the cities which are going to host the annual event.
In a sharing forum called “Road to Canon Photo Marathon 2014” in Yogyakarta last Friday (8/15), Misbachul Munir – a Yogyakarta-based professional photographer [...]

“Illusion” of A Photojournalist Showcased in Yogyakarta

A photography exhibition is now being held by Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta (KPY) in collaboration with PannaFoto Institute at the House of KPY, Jl. Brigjen Katamso, Prawirodirjan, GM II/1226, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta. Entitled “Illusion,” the exhibition is showcasing 25 photographs made by Ng Swan Ti, a Jakarta-based freelance photographer.
It was officially opened last night (6/18) together with [...]