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Yi M1, Affordable Mirrorless Camera

While major brands are racing to unveil and introduce their latest products at Photokina 2016 in Cologne, Germany, Xiaomi’s Yi Technology has introduced as well its Yi M1, Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. If you need a good looking (people say it looks like Leica T) and inexpensive camera, it can be your option.
Equipped with [...]

Hasselblad X1D: Medium Format, Mirrorless, Compact

It is quite something for a medium format camera which is usually big and heavy, now turning to be smaller and lighter. With 50-MP CMOS medium-format sensor, the new Hasselblad X1D introduced yesterday is a medium-fomat mirrorless camera, and claimed as the first of its kind in the world.
Weighing only 725 g (half the weight [...]

Polaroid’s Android-Based Mirrorless Camera?

Polaroid company flagship has actually run in bankruptcy situation, but in 2009 they signed an agreement with Summit Global Group to produce Polaroid branded digital still cameras. Now, Polaroid is rumored to announce new Android based mirrorless interchangeable lens camera called IM1836.
The camera is powered with Android 4 OS with 3.5” touchscreen, 18.1 MP sensor, [...]

Canon EOS M on Sale in Indonesia from Next Month

Introduced to public last July, Canon EOS M will be available in Indonesian market starting from next month. For Indonesia, no information on its price is available until November.
“The availability of Canon EOS M in Indonesia will be around the beginning to the middle of November,” said Sintra Wong, Marketing Manager, Canon ICP Division, PT [...]

Sony’s New Alpha NEX-5R with Wi-Fi Sharing & Camera Apps Store

Relesaed one year after the NEX-5N, the new NEX-5R offers several new big changes, including a flip-upward (180 degree) LCD, a new “Fast Hybrid” AF system, Wi-Fi sharing, and an App Store.

Leaked Pictures: Fujifilm’s New Mirrorless X-Series

Ahead of Photokina in Cologne, some pictures of suspected Fujifilm’s new mirrorless cameras have appeared.  A Japanese website,, has brought out pictures of two kinds of cameras in the same day.

The latest pictures show a model which is still unclear about its name. It can be XP1 or XF1. However, the camera features a [...]

Leaked Images: Nikon 1 J2 & 1Nikkor 11-27.5mm Lens

As already reported in the latest edition of Exposure Magz (click to download the magazine), Nikon is rumored to unveil its new mirrorless camera soon. The Nikon 1 J2 will be the successor to the 1-Series J1 that was introduced last year. The 1Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens will likely serve as a new kit lens [...]

Image of Canon’s Mirrorless Camera

Last June we heard a rumor about Canon’s mirrorless system camera, but there was only very little information about it. Now it seems to become clearer that there is an image appearing in (Japanese site).
As we can see at the top of the camera image, the model name is EOS M. The lens is [...]

Canon’s Mirrorless Camera in Next 30 Days?

The rumor is in the air, but there is not a lot of technical information floating around about Canon’s mirrorless entry.
According to an information, the announcement will be coming sometime in the next 30 days, but no solid date has been nailed down. Original estimates pegged an announcement in June, however Canon announcements move around [...]

Three New Lenses Launched for the 1 Nikon Mirrorless Camera System

Nikon has announced three new lenses along with the 1 Nikon mirrorless camera. All of the lenses are specially designed for the 1”-type CX sensor.