Posts Tagged ‘iPhone’ Introduces His New Camera Attachment for iPhone

Known as a Black Eyed Peas frontman, has invested in what he calls “digital real estate” online. Under foto.sosho accessories brand, he introduces an attachment called for iPhone which he claims will turn your smartphone into a genius-phone. Speaking to The Telegraph, he says, “We have our own sensor and a better flash. You [...]

Color Splash Studio App Now Available for iPhone

Color Splash Studio—selective color photography for Mac—is now available for use on iPhone devices. With the application, users can now bring up the experience of creating photos with selective color through their iPhone, with the complete experience as the Mac version.

iPhone To Feature New Lens Design

Apple is currently applying a patent for its next iPhone’s design—particularly on its camera. According to the application, it is likely that the next generation of iPhone would feature several new lens design options.

Always Ready with Tiltpod for iPhone 4/S & Attractive Photo Apps

With a handy Tiltpod mini-stand from JP Distribution, we can now take photographs of ourselves in steady frames. Taking pictures with iPhone will also be of higher fun with the existing photo applications.

The 3-in-1 iPhone Lens Dial System for Serious iPhoneographer

Addressed for users frequently take pictures using their iPhone, the iPhone Lens Dial offers three-in-one optical-quality lenses—wide-angle, fisheye, and telephoto. The product is available for purchase on Photojojo store.

New Schneider’s iPro Lenses for iPhone

Lens-maker Schneider Optics Inc. has launched its iPro Lens System, purpose-built to enable professional quality photographic and video imagery with the iPhone 4 and 4S. As reported by PMA Newsline, it allows iPhone 4/4S owners to enhance the camera integrated into their phone by adding the benefits of interchangeable Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses to [...]

Case-Adapter Combo Mount Turns iPhone into DSLR Camera

Now, Photojojo has an interesting offer on its online store, providing a combo lens-adapter mount which allows you to use your iPhone with DSLR lenses. The case-adapter combo allows you to use your iPhone’s camera with a wide selection of lenses commonly used with the Canon EOS or Nikon cameras.

Apple Patented Tilt & Perspective Correction Technology for iPhone Camera

Apple has just filed a patent application with the U.S Patent & Trademark for an application to build in the iPhone various sensors to automatically correct tilt and perspective distortion when capturing photos. The correction will occur while shooting and can also be stored along with the photo for later correction.

Apple to Involve Sony for the iPhone 5 with 8MP Camera Sensor

According to latest rumors, Apple is going to involve Sony to handle the camera department of the iPhone 5; it would be shifting from OmniVision—its previous camera manufacturer. As none of the existing Apple products use Sony modules, it becomes logical then to assume that the camera modules are prepared for the coming iPhone 5.

Blurb Releases Mobile App “to Share Stories”

Blurb Mobile comes as an increasing number of users are now utilising their mobile phones to shoot and share images, says Blurb’s vice president of new business initiatives, Jim Lanahan.
“There are now many applications that allow you to take photographs as a single project – such as Instagram and Hipstamatic,” he says. “And we support [...]