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Photo Exhibition & FNers Gathering in Mataram

A photo exhibition entitled “Inilah NTB” (This is NTB – Nusa Tenggara Barat/West Nusa Tenggara) is being held until February 15. Starting from February 1 and taking place at Museum Negeri NTB, Mataram, Lombok Island, NTB, the exhibition is part of a gathering event organized by members (familiarly called as FNers) based in the [...]

Aceh’s Sunrise Hunting & Sunset Gathering on the Beach

On the white-sand beach of Lampuuk in Aceh Besar, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province, a number of photography enthusiasts gathered in full of cheerful friendliness that afternoon. The gathering became so special that two well-known professional photographers joined them and available to talk with and to be asked about everything dealing with photography.
It was last Saturday [...]

Human Interest, Street & Essay Photo in Semarang’s Gathering

After completing the Canon-FN Seminar Series (6/30), photography enthusiasts in Semarang and the surrounding cities joined the gathering, which was held the next day (Sunday, 7/1).

Next, Canon-FN Seminar & Gathering Series to Hold in Semarang

Presenting Arbain Rambey—senior photographer at Kompas Daily, the seminar will discuss the theme of “Maximizing Camera in Capturing Human: Portraiture, Photojournalism, General Photography”. The seminar will start at 9 am and will last to 4 pm.

East Borneo Photography Gathering: Street Hunting, Fun, Togetherness

Photography enthusiasts in Balikpapan held a photography gathering on Sunday (17/6). Organized by members of (FN), the Gathering & Street Hunting was attended by more than 200 photography lovers from Balikpapan and the nearby cities.

Friendly Gathering with Model Shoot at Pekanbaru Air Force Base

More than 160 photography enthusiasts from several towns in Riau Province, Indonesia, joined a model shoot held on Saturday (5/26) afternoon. The event was said to be special since it took place at Pekanbaru Air Force Base, with two Hawk fighters and three new Kawasaki motorcycles as shooting properties.
The 12th Squadron area became a photo [...]

Canon-FN Seminar & Gathering Series 2012 Makassar: From Human Interest, FN for Blackberry, to Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Makassar became the next city to hold similar string of events, as well as being the first to hold the Seminar Series and Gathering Series in one package.

Bangka-Belitung Photography Gathering: To Promote & Develop Bangka-Belitung

Last weekend (April 7), numerous photographers residing in Bangka-Belitung Islands attended the Bangka-Belitung Photography Gathering, which ran lively and cheerful.

Exotic Reog Ponorogo & Groovy Atmosphere in Surabaya Gathering

The atmosphere in the gathering of photography enthusiasts in Surabaya was so unique that the previous gatherings did not have. Taking place at Hallo Surabaya yesterday (11/19), the event went on rousingly and groovily from afternoon to evening.
As the last gathering in a string of Canon & (FN) Gathering Series 2011, it was opened [...]

A T-shirt of Rp 1 Million, 150 Photography Enthusiasts in Medan Gathering

In an atmosphere of friendliness and a touch of tropical air, more than 150 photography enthusiasts gathered  in Medan on Sunday (10/23). Running from around noon to late afternoon, the gathering was enlivened with such sessions as photo sharing, autographed-T-shirt auction and model shooting.
Taking place at Kenanga Indonesia Restaurant, the event is a string of [...]