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Mall in Photo & Installation Works

To some people, a mall relates positively; but at the same time it could bring negative impacts to some others. It could give a thousand of hopes, but also a lot of burden, depending on which viewpoint we see it. That is what the participants would like to convey through their works in an exhibition [...]

Photo Hunting in Motorcycles Exhibition: Beautiful Models, Antique Bikes

Yesterday (8/23), photography lovers in Yogyakarta once again gathered to join in a photo hunting session organized by (FN). The hunting was held to add joy and merry to the art exhibition entitled “The Art of Motorcycles: Tribute to Nur Kholis”.

Kelas Pagi to Hold Photo Exhibition, Workshop & Contest with DSLR Prize

Kelas Pagi Jakarta (KPJ) is going to hold a photography exhibition entitled “Lain Doeloe Lain Sekarang” (“Past was, Present is”) from June 1 to 5. KPJ is a free photography class initiated by an Indonesian professional photographer, Anton Ismael.
Taking place at Kalibata City, South Jakarta, the exhibition will showcase 50 images created by 50 photographers [...]

Amikom POTRAIT’s Merapi Photography Exhibition for Charity & Club Launching

POTRAIT photographers were trying to make photos capturing Merapi and its victims more valuable by exhibiting them for charity from 18 to 20 January 2011 at Amikom campus, Jalan Ringroad Utara, Yogyakarta.

Palembang Photo Exhibition & Auction for Charity

Such natural disasters as the earthquake in Mentawai and the eruption of Merapi volcano has aroused tens of photographers in Palembang, South Sumatera, to participate in helping the disaster victims. The photographers consisting of photo journalists and photography hobbyists held a photo auction and exhibition as well to raise funds.
Taking place at the Palembang Indah [...]

Exhibition to Mark KPY Students’ Study Progress

Last night (20/10), the students of KPY (Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta) opened a photo exhibition to mark their study progress. They choose “3/4 (three quarters)” as the exhibition theme to represent the study progress that they have achieved in one year; they have finished 0.75 part of the whole study material.

Yogyakarta’s Once-in-8-Years Party Framed & Exhibited by UFO

UFO, the Photography Unit of Gadjah Mada University, has succeeded in putting this once-in-eight-years event in frames and put them in an exhibition –the “Eight Yearly Garebeg” at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, September 29 to October 6– to show to those who could not attend such event how “Grebeg Dal” is taken place.

“Lake Toba in Frame” by Toba Photographer Club

Commencing the event of Pesta Danau Toba (Toba Lake Festival), Toba Photographer Club (TPC) and the festival’s committee will be presenting a photo exhibition, “Lake Toba in Frame.”

Indonesia 1987-2010: What Does a Well-known Photojournalist See?

Julian Sihombing, a well-known Indonesian photojournalist, is now exhibiting the best of his photographs taken during the Indonesia’s New Order and the Reform era. 69 photographs are displayed, depicting how a well-known photojournalist has been overseeing his beloved country for the last 23 years (1987-2010).

An Exhibition to Break the Indonesian ex-Jugun Ianfu’s Silence

A photo exhibition has been established at Erasmus Huis Jakarta, from August 13 to September 23, 2010, dedicated to the ex-Jugun Ianfu who dared to speak up and still have spirit of life, by Jan Banning and Hilde Jansen, a photographer and journalist from Netherlands.