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Travel Photographer of the Year 2011: Winning Images

A former professor at the University of California, Louis Montrose of the USA, has become the overall winner of the 2011 international  Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards, with two striking, and very different, portfolios; one documenting life in a painted village in Burkina Faso and the other depicting the Dia de los Muertos [...]

Surabaya Workshop: Simple Things to Captivating Fashion Photography

There are many people doing fashion photography nowadays and a lot of great works created. To be creative and distinguished become our “survival kits” in this kind of photography business which is growing more and more competitive.
A Jakarta-based professional fashion photographer, Darius Manihuruk, described it in a workshop held at the Grand City, Surabaya, yesterday [...]

Exotic Reog Ponorogo & Groovy Atmosphere in Surabaya Gathering

The atmosphere in the gathering of photography enthusiasts in Surabaya was so unique that the previous gatherings did not have. Taking place at Hallo Surabaya yesterday (11/19), the event went on rousingly and groovily from afternoon to evening.
As the last gathering in a string of Canon & (FN) Gathering Series 2011, it was opened [...]

A T-shirt of Rp 1 Million, 150 Photography Enthusiasts in Medan Gathering

In an atmosphere of friendliness and a touch of tropical air, more than 150 photography enthusiasts gathered  in Medan on Sunday (10/23). Running from around noon to late afternoon, the gathering was enlivened with such sessions as photo sharing, autographed-T-shirt auction and model shooting.
Taking place at Kenanga Indonesia Restaurant, the event is a string of [...]

Medan Workshop: From Travel Photo Techniques to Business Opportunity

Travel photography is not just dealing with techniques but also with etiquette. Moreover, its business opportunity is still widely open if we know how to explore and how to do it creatively.
That is more or less the quintessence of a photography workshop held at Atyaduta Hotel, Medan, today (10/22) from morning till afternoon. Themed “A-Z [...]

Canon PhotoMarathon Yogya: Enjoy Prambanan Temple, Get Big Prizes

Succeeding in organizing Canon PhotoMarathon Indonesia in 2009 and 2010 in Jakarta with 2.113 participants, PT Datascrip – as the sole distributor of Canon products in Indonesia – is back to present Canon PhotoMarathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2011. For this year, the event will take place in two cities, namely Yogyakarta and Jakarta.
“Leading in digital camera [...]

So Special in Manado Gathering

The Canon & Gathering Series 2011 in Manado ran very well and in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie from morning till late afternoon yesterday (9/11). Besides, there was something special which was not found in the previous gatherings in Makassar, Balikpapan, Bali and Jakarta.
Attended by more than 120 photography enthusiasts from Manado and other [...]

Manado Workshop: To Make Distinctive Landscape Photography

A workshop has already been carried out succesfully rom morning to afternoon yesterday (September 10). Taking place at Sintesa Peninsula Hotel, Manado, the Canon & Workshop Series 2011 presented an inspiring discussion on “Creative Landscape Photography with Live View.”
Speaking in front of more than 120 partcipants, two Jakarta-based photographers, Yadi Yasin and Harlim, brought [...]

Jakarta Gathering-Workshop: From EOS 5D Mark II Prize to Learning to Be Creative

Hundreds of photography enthusiasts have attended two programs organized by — the biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia — in Jakarta fot two days. The Canon & Gathering Series 2011 was held on Saturday (8/13) and the Canon & Workshop Series on Sunday (8/14).
Taking place at Galeri Café & Resto, the [...]

Balikpapan Gathering-Workshop: Full of Knowledge & Camaraderie

Canon & Gathering and Workshop Series 2011 in Balikpapan has already run well and succesfully for two days, June 18 and 19. Makassar, South Sulawesi, became the first city to hold the gathering (5/1), and Yogyakarta became the first to carry out the workshop (5/15). Meanwhile, Balikpapan was the first to run both.
Taking place [...]