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Exposure 86th Edition

86th Edition Contents:

Beauty and the Beast
To combine human and wild animal. What a harmony!
Fighting Ritual for Good Harvest
They fight to respect the tradition that brings no revenge
Exotic Baliem Valley
Baliem Valley Festival always attracts many people’s attention
Foto Ke-2.000.000 di
Termotivasi untuk berbagi inspirasi dengan mengunggah foto
Sertifikasi Profesi Fotografi
Kenapa harus disertifikasi? Apa keuntungannya?
Dua Lensa Baru Tamron
SP 35mm [...]

Tamron’s New SP 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD & SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD

Tamron has unveiled two new lenses of SP series, namely SP 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD and  SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD. Said to have been revamped internally and externally, the two new lenses are compatible full-frame DSLR cameras and APS-C format ones as well.
Tamron launched the first SP Series in 1979, the legendary [...]

Joy and Misery in Maritime Homeland

As a maritime country, Indonesia owns great marine wealth from beautiful beaches, diverse flora and fauna, gorgeous underwater world until abundant deposits of fishes. On the contrary, the country faces such various problems as sea pollution, illegal fishing by foreign vessels and unfortunate life of its most fishermen.
All the circumstances whether they are joy or [...]

The 2,000,000th Photo Uploaded to FN

A photograph made by Harry Soegianto becomes the two millionth picture uploaded to or familiarly called FN. The photo was uploaded on August 26, 2015, at 10.49 pm (GMT+7).
Founded in the end of 2002 and using Indonesian language, FN is known as the biggest online photography community in Indonesia and Southeast Asia as well. [...]

APFI on Professional Photographer Certification

Three kinds of photography service users, according to Asosiasi Profesi Fotografi Indonesia (Indonesia Association of Photography Professionals) or APFI, that now require certificate of professional competence are government companies; ISO-certified companies, especially industrial ones; and fellow professional associations. For other service users, at least for now, no certificate is required yet.
Regarding the certificate, APFI via [...]

Tips on Photographing Birds

In photography, we often hear “what matters is the man behind the camera.” Well, it’s only half the truth when it comes to bird photography. While shorter lens may still get you the shots under right circumstances, such circumstances are few and far between. But, upgrading to longer lens is pointless if we do not [...]

Independence Day Photo Exhibtion by a Parliament Member

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, a member of Indonesia House of Representatives (DPR RI) from National Revival Party (PKB), A Helmy Faishal Zaini, is showcasing his photo works in a photo exhibition entitled “Nekamese.” Held from August 18 to 21, his 70 photos are being exhibited at a corridor of Gedung Nusantara II [...]

Gitzo’s Three New Center Ball Heads

Gitzo has introduced a new line-up of Center Ball Heads consisting of three sizes which are aimed at professionals and advanced amateur photographers. The new heads are said to be ideal for Gitzo’s Traveler and Mountaineer tripods.
Coated with tungsten disulphide for smooth movement, the new Center Ball Heads have a very efficient locking mechanism which [...]

Child Photography Tips

Technically there is nothing special in capturing kids. It tends to be simple if you do it outdoor with natural/available light; no sophisticated lighting equipments are required, but a camera with a zoom lens on it is all we need. Thus, the kids’ mood are not disrupted by the clutter of such photography gears as [...]

Free Photo Contest with Big Prize

All people whether you are Indonesian citizens or foreigners are invited to join a photo contest to be held on August 15-17, 2015, at Grand Metropolitan Bekasi. Organized by PT Metropolitan Land Tbk and, it is free of charge to participate, but you have to be DSLR/mirrorless camera users.
Starting from now, participants can register [...]