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Exposure 50th Edition

50th Edition Contents:

Anticipating Moments
Moments come in only split second; sharp intuition is needed
To Get the Best of Borobudur
Everybody tries to find an exact time & angle to shoot
Caring for Culture
Few people cared for preserving their culture
Photo Hunting in Yosemite
Better to have good planning & research
Canon-FN Workshop & Seminar
Workshop di Surabaya, seminar di Pontianak
Kamera Berbasis Android: [...]

World’s Professional Photojournalists on Instagram Trend: Opportunities for Photojournalism

Instagram potentials, however, includes not only communication aspects but also economic aspects. More photo agencies have started to include or even build a partnership with Instagram for their works.

From Canon-FN Seminar Series Pontianak: Understanding and Making Portofolio & Photo Archive

The event held in Pontianak came as a seminar, presented by Arbain Rambey—senior photographer at Kompas Daily—with the theme of “Tips on Making Portfolio & Photo Archive”.

Android-based Digital Cameras: Pioneer or Gimmick?

Each comes with different features and designs, the emerge of these Android-based cameras have raised a question about the future of the technology; will it be a pioneer which would open the gate for new developments and further technology, or is it only a gimmick to win today’s camera market?

Sony’s New Alpha NEX-5R with Wi-Fi Sharing & Camera Apps Store

Relesaed one year after the NEX-5N, the new NEX-5R offers several new big changes, including a flip-upward (180 degree) LCD, a new “Fast Hybrid” AF system, Wi-Fi sharing, and an App Store.

A Piece of Nirvana: Collection of Photos of Heaven on Earth

The third book from Budi Darmawan, a senior professional photographer, the book presents about 80 photographs depicting the beautiful earth and the things inside—either in BW or in color.

Neil Armstrong: First Man, First Photographer on the Moon

Armstrong was not the one photographed (like the popular belief), but was the photographer himself. This, however, revealed that he was not only the first man to land on the moon but also the first photographer to step on it.

Canon EOS 3D X & Instagram Camera in Rumors

Today rumors are spreading about at least two upcoming cameras, namely Canon EOS 3D X and Instagram. They could be rubbish, but, on the contrary, they could be hints that the cameras are real waiting to be officially announced.
Around ten months after the announcement of Canon EOS 1D X, the “suspected” 3D X is rumored [...]

Leaked Pictures: Fujifilm’s New Mirrorless X-Series

Ahead of Photokina in Cologne, some pictures of suspected Fujifilm’s new mirrorless cameras have appeared.  A Japanese website,, has brought out pictures of two kinds of cameras in the same day.

The latest pictures show a model which is still unclear about its name. It can be XP1 or XF1. However, the camera features a [...]

Problem-free Grip for Canon EOS 650D in Indonesia

Canon USA  issued last week a recall for certain EOS 650D/Rebel T4i DSLR cameras due to their rubber grips that can cause skin rash or allergic reaction. However, Canon Indonesia has confirmed that the cameras distributed in the country are not affected.
“So far we haven’t received report regarding the affected units from our Indonesian consumers who [...]