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Hasselblad Releases New Phocus 2.6.6 & Phocus Mobile 2.0

A new Phocus software from Hasselblad is now available—the Phocus 2.6.6*. Addressed for Mac, the intuitive Phocus software enables wireless camera control for photographers to be linked to a computer running Phocus to allow them work more effectively.

New Cinema Camera from Blackmagic

Cinema Camera comes with a revolutionary compact design with a set of features including high resolution 2.5K sensor, super wide 13 stops dynamic range—which allows feature film quality, color correction and LCD with meta-data entry.

Enchanting Photos of “Discovery” Preparing for Final Flight

For the last several days, Space Shuttle “Discovery” has been preparing for one final flight. Today (April 17), weather permitting, Discovery will make the trip from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia (Va), from atop a repurposed Boeing 747 jet airliner — [...]

Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is Over?

Do you like Facebook’s acquirement of Instagram and think that this will be a good future for both companies, or do you dislike it and think that Instagram is coming to its end?

A Tight Race Between D800 & 5D Mark III

In a poll opened for five days in this site, voters prefer Nikon D800 to Canon EOS 5D Mark III. However, voting for both cameras seems to run in a tight race since the poll has started last Wednesday and has just been closed this afternoon.
D800 and 5D Mark III are now competing in high-end [...]

Smartly Removes Haze in Photos with Kolor Neutralhazer

Landscape photographers can now remove the haze covering their photos using Neutralhazer, a filter plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Tens of Photo Talks & Walks at ClubSNAP’s 10th Anniversary

On the first day (4/21), there will be 11 photo talks, while the second day will be filled with 10 more photo talks—started at 10.30 am and will last to 6 pm.

Canon Unveils C500 Video Camera & 4K EOS 1D-C DSLR Camera

Canon now adds another new series to the EOS Cinema system by unveiling the Canon EOS C500 interchangeable-lens digital video camera. Besides the EOS C500, Canon has also introduced the EOS-1D C DSLR camera which, quite similar to the C500, also features the ability of capturing 4K video.

Housings for Nikon D4 & D800

If you have a craze for underwater photography, and have new Nikon D4 or D800 with you, soon you will be able to do photo hunting with the cameras while you are diving. Housing manufacturers are working around the clock to provide housings for both cameras.
Pictures of Nauticam’s new housing for the D4, with brief [...]

Canon 5D Mark III Reported to Have Light Leak Issue

Some users of the recently released Canon EOS 5D Mark III have reported or complained about a light leak problem with their cameras, which caused unpredicted exposure changing when users turn on the top LCD backlight.