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Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera Officially Launched

Pentax has just launched its mirrorless camera, the Pentax K-01 (pronounced K-zero one), which comes with a 16 MP APS-C-sized sensor and equipped by Pentax’s K mount lenses.

Bangka-Belitung Photography Gathering: To Promote & Develop Bangka-Belitung

Last weekend (April 7), numerous photographers residing in Bangka-Belitung Islands attended the Bangka-Belitung Photography Gathering, which ran lively and cheerful.

Instagram: Over 1 Billion Photos Uploaded & Keep Adding

According to a Wall Street Journal’s Digit’s report, over one billion photos have been uploaded with Instagram, shared on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Exposure 45th Edition

45th Edition Contents:

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary
To discover a unique part of ordinary objects
Detailed Preparation, Facile Execution
Well-prepared shooting on fashion photography
Ability of Disabilities
A story of morale from Asean Para Games
So Colorful, So Delightful
Capturing hot-air balloon fiesta in the Philippines Hadir di Blackberry
Akses kapan saja, di mana saja
Buku Baru: Eyewitness
Kesaksian pewarta foto atas berbagai peristiwa
Menambang & [...]

Phase One’s New High-end Cameras for High-Res Reproduction & Aerial Photography

Phase One has just introduces two new high-end camera systems—the iXR and iXA—addressed for specialized photographers. The iXR is specially designed for high-resolution reproduction applications, while the iXA is dedicated to aerial photography.

Instagram for Android for More Photo Sharing & Community Experience

The Instagram application—a photo application dedicated for iOS devices—is now also available for Android. This means, more and more people can now start to enjoy the Instagram experience.

New Canon 60Da for Astrophotography

Today, Canon USA Inc. has unveiled the new EOS 60Da, a DSLR camera specially designed for astrophotography. The canon EOS 60Da is a long-awaited successor of the previously distributed EOS 20Da.

ClubSNAP’s 10th Anniversary: 2-Day Photo Exhibition, Walks &Talks

This April, ClubSNAP—the largest dedicated photography discussion forum and community site in Singapore—will be holding its 10th anniversary.

Nikon Rumored to Launch D3200 in April

As mentioned previously that Nikon is possibly going to launch 3 more DSLRs in 2012 in addition to the recently launched D800, rumors started to emerge about one of the three new cameras to come—the Nikon D3200.

Vision Research Announces New Phantom v642

A third generation digital high-speed camera, the Phantom v642 also offers advanced Multi-Matrix Color Correction Technology. It still, however, maintains the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion footage simultaneously.