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This Year End, Nikon to Unveil V2 Mirrorless Camera

The report said that the V2 mirrorless camera will soon be announced by the end of this year.

FotograferNet at Kustomfest 2012: Coverage Photo Contest Opens until October 31

The photos are to upload onto FotograferNet gallery. One luck winner will get a digital camera. The coverage photo contest is still open to October 31.

Rumor on Canon EOS 7D Mark II: Coming Soon Early Next Year?

Latest rumor mentioned that the camera is currently under development and will soon be announced early next year—possibly around January 2013.

Exposure 51st Edition

51st Edition Contents:

Loveliness in Lines & Curves
Lovely composition formed by lines and curves
Through Traditional Markets
They offer various uniqueness & exoticism to capture
Praying for Ancestors
A Chinese ritual for ancestors’ peace in the afterlife
Beauty and the Goblin
Shooting landscape and model in the Goblin Valley
Special Report: Photokina 2012
A note from the world’s leading imaging fair
Canon-FN Workshop & Seminar
Workshop [...]

Ten-year-old Indonesian Photographer Wins International Photo Contest

Michael Theodric from Banten, Indonesia, has just won an international photography contest aiming to raise awareness of environmental issues through the eyes of young people and their photographs. This ten-year-old boy achieved the third prize in “Children’s Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012.”
His photograph entitled “Morning at Situ Gunung” was selected from thousands [...]

Aceh’s Sunrise Hunting & Sunset Gathering on the Beach

On the white-sand beach of Lampuuk in Aceh Besar, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province, a number of photography enthusiasts gathered in full of cheerful friendliness that afternoon. The gathering became so special that two well-known professional photographers joined them and available to talk with and to be asked about everything dealing with photography.
It was last Saturday [...]

Canon-FN Workshop in Aceh: Inspire Others!

“This is a very beneficial workshop, an interesting one as well,” said Juan Girsang, one of 120 participants attending a photography workshop organized by Canon Indonesia and (FN) in Banda Aceh.
The workshop in the capital of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province was part of Workshop 2012, and presented Harlim and Kristupa Saragih; both are [...]

One Memento: A Camera App that Lets You Take One Photo ONLY

For some, it may be pointless to download and use a camera app that allows only one single shot ever. However, the basic idea behind the app is somehow awesome—to take only the one best shot before the app goes useless.

iPhone 5’s Camera Reported to Have Purple Flare Problem

Some iPhone 5 users have tested on the phone’s camera and found out that the purple flare appears whenever a bright light sources are included in or around the frame.

“Parodi?”: A Photography Exhibition by Photography Club UGM

Taking place at the house of Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta (KPY—a free photography school), the exhibition will be opened on Saturday, September 29, and will last to October 3.