Recent Articles

Nikon Rumored to Launch D3200 in April

As mentioned previously that Nikon is possibly going to launch 3 more DSLRs in 2012 in addition to the recently launched D800, rumors started to emerge about one of the three new cameras to come—the Nikon D3200.

Vision Research Announces New Phantom v642

A third generation digital high-speed camera, the Phantom v642 also offers advanced Multi-Matrix Color Correction Technology. It still, however, maintains the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion footage simultaneously.

Now Available, Fotografer Net for BlackBerry Application

Following the release of new-website layout, a BlackBerry Application, aptly named as Fotografer Net for BlackBerry, can now be found on BlackBerry Application World.

Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 Receives BBC’s Broadcaster Approval

Canon’s EOS C300, the first model from the new Cinema EOS System, has received broadcaster approval from BBC. Receiving BBC’s broadcaster approval allows the EOS C300 to be used in BBC’s internal and external production for its HD channels.

New Market Strategy, Sony Plans to Focus More on Digital Imaging

Called “One Sony”, the strategy puts digital imaging as one of the three core pillars—besides game and mobile technology—the company is going to focus on.

“Foreign, Familiar” Photo Exhibition: Outsiders in A Place So Close

“Being a foreigner in Asia is quite hard as this continent is home to a high-plurality culture and tradition,” Wolfgang Bellwinkel, the curator, explained.

Biak Photo Exhibition, Competition & Workshop: The Biggest & Surprising

Last week, Biak—an island in the Northern part of Papua—hosted a series of photography events. Organized by Komunitas Bersama (Kobe) Biak, the string of events covered photo exhibition, photo competition, and workshop.

Facebook’s Enhancements: High-Res Photos & Fullscreen Viewing

The worldwide social media, Facebook, has just announced some enhancements to its photo sharing service—particularly the photo viewer feature. The enhancements users can start to use included high-resolution photos and fullscreen viewing.

Western Digital Introduces the First-ever 2TB Portable Hard Disks

The new portable external drives bring the ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity while also being compatible to USB 2.0. The built-in security features of password protection and hardware encryption.

Now Available, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta

As leaked through the teaser video launched several weeks ago, Adobe finally launches the Photoshop CS6. The latest software is released as a free public beta available for download.