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Fujifilm Released X-S1 The Reinvented Bridge Camera

Adding a third model to its premium cameras, Fujifilm has announced its latest series—the X-S1. Alike the two previous series, the X-S1 is also built in with new standards in design and performance.

The 3-in-1 iPhone Lens Dial System for Serious iPhoneographer

Addressed for users frequently take pictures using their iPhone, the iPhone Lens Dial offers three-in-one optical-quality lenses—wide-angle, fisheye, and telephoto. The product is available for purchase on Photojojo store.

Xerox’s Aesthetic Image Search: A Photo-judging Computer Algorithm

Named the Aesthetic Image Search, the tool is developed with an aim to enable a computer to judge a photograph’s aesthetic value.

Firmware Updates for Nikkor 1 Lens System

Just after launching its Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system along with the Nikkor 1 lens system, Nikon now releases firmware updates for the lens system.

Surabaya Workshop: Simple Things to Captivating Fashion Photography

There are many people doing fashion photography nowadays and a lot of great works created. To be creative and distinguished become our “survival kits” in this kind of photography business which is growing more and more competitive.
A Jakarta-based professional fashion photographer, Darius Manihuruk, described it in a workshop held at the Grand City, Surabaya, yesterday [...]

Exotic Reog Ponorogo & Groovy Atmosphere in Surabaya Gathering

The atmosphere in the gathering of photography enthusiasts in Surabaya was so unique that the previous gatherings did not have. Taking place at Hallo Surabaya yesterday (11/19), the event went on rousingly and groovily from afternoon to evening.
As the last gathering in a string of Canon & (FN) Gathering Series 2011, it was opened [...]

Easy Bounce Pop-up Flash Diffuser for Nikon

With an easy installation, the pop-up flash diffuser works quite as good as an external flash does. It turns your built-in flash into a softer, more natural light source.

New CX6 Fast Autofocusing Compact Camera from Ricoh

Represented by Shiro Konda, president and CEO, Ricoh announced that the company is releasing the CX6 compact camera. With a 10MP resolution, the camera promises stunningly fast autofocus (AF) system.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera for Outdoor Activities

Named the Scout PS-series, the thermal camera features two rugged, handheld thermal imaging cameras run by heat sensors. The camera increases ability of detecting living beings in darkness; the ability is better than any other night vision technology may offers.

Crossing Bridges 8 Vietnam 2011 Held Farewell Dinner in Da Lat

The 8th Crossing Bridges had The Farewell Dinner just now on Monday (11/14) in Da Lat, Vietnam. The overall event took place in Phan Thiet, Bao Loc and Da Lat from November 10 to 15. There were 75 photographers from 5 ASEAN countries participating.
Crossing Bridges is an annual event of the fellowship of online photography [...]