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New Panasonic Lumix FZ200: Superzoom, Fast & Large F2.8 Aperture

Built in with Leica lens, the Lumix FZ200 offers a 24x zoom range from 25mm to 600mm (equivalent) while maintaining the large f/2.8 aperture.

Dolly, for More Stunning Mobile Video

If you love making video from your smartphone or other mobile devices, Dolly seems to be your suitable accessory to help you create stunning clips. Produced by iStabilizer and using iStabilizer’s universal Mount, this innovative camera dolly is compatible with any smartphone without removing protective cases or bumpers.
Equipped with a built-in iStabilizer Mount, Dolly works [...]

Palembang Canon-FN Gathering: Variety in Unity & Gaiety

A photography gathering is usually attended by photography enthusiasts from various photo communities. However, in Palembang, something “unusual” occurred since the gathering was not only attended by photography people but also by such non-photography clubs as automotive clubs and stand-up comedy community.
More than 130 attendees, mostly from some photography communities in Palembang and surrounding towns [...]

Canon-FN Workshop in Palembang: Serious Lighting, Serious Results

“If you don’t take lighting seriously, you’ll never get serious results in your shots,” Kristupa Saragih said in the Workshop Series 2012 held at Novotel Hotel, Palembang, today from morning till afternoon.
Attended by more than 100 photography enthusiasts from Palembang and its surrounding towns, the workshop was themed “Basic Lighting” with Kristupa Saragih (co-founder [...]

Nikon’s New 800mm f/5.6 Super-telephoto Lens

Nikon Corporation has just announced its 800mm f/5.6 super-telephoto lens. Offering a fixed focal length of 800 mm and a maximum aperture of f/5.6, the lens is fully compatible with Nikon FX-format cameras.

“It will boast the longest focal length of any NIKKOR autofocus lens, and will be best suited to capture of a wide variety [...]

Tabletop Photography: Creating Professional Product Photos with Minimum Equipments

The book Tabletop Photography provides a how-to and all steps to enable photographers in creating top-class images of products with simple minimum equipments.

Mosaic Daylight – Lighweight LED Panel for Studio

The lightweight Mosaic Daylight LED panel is addressed to use both for studio lighting—either for still photography or motion pictures.

Materials Used in Canon’s EOS 650D May Cause Allergic Reaction

Canon warning mentioned that the hand-grip of the EOS 650D, as caused by the chemical reaction, may turn white and may cause allergic reaction as well.

Traditional Art Performance & Maximizing Camera in Banjarmasin Workshop

As the workshop discussed basic photography theme of “Maximizing Your Camera”, the attendees were mostly journalists and photography enthusiasts at beginner level.

Exposure 48th Edition

48th Edition Contents:

Automotive Photography
It’s not just photographing automotive products
Covering Paris Fashion Week
An Indonesian photographer’s experience
Beauty Care for Goats
To increase their price in the market
Nature’s Marvelous Sculptures
Find & capture their beauty at Göreme, Turkey
Canon-FN Workshop, Seminar, Gathering
Giliran Balikpapan & Semarang, ratusan pencinta fotografi hadir
Promosi Kearifan Lokal via Fotografi
Digalang oleh pencinta fotografi di Temanggung

Small 25.3 MB
Medium [...]