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Fujifilm’s 2012 – 2013 Lens Roadmap: 4 New Single Focal & 3 Zoom Lenses

According to Fujifilm’s 2012 – 2013 lens roadmap, the camera manufacturer has planned to start releasing the new lenses in fall 2012. The roadmap includes 4 new single focal lenses and 3 new zoom lenses.

Exclusive Photos of Madonna Filming Her New Music Video

Madonna once again make it to the music industry by releasing her new album, MDNA. As last March she had promoted the album by making an appearance at Ultra Music Festival (Miami), some exclusive photos from The Huffington Post reveals that she is currently working on filming a music video for the album.

Poler Camera Cooler: Camera Bag, Beer Cooler

The Poler Camera Cooler has it—a camera bag which can also function as beer cooler. In one occasion it can provide storage room and protection for your camera and other gears, while in another occasion you can use it to store your beer and keep them cool during your trip.

Manfrotto Launches Clothing Line for Female Photographers

Manfrotto has unveiled the LINO women’s apparel line—a clothing line addressed for female photographers. The products include four items—Pro Field Jacket, Pro Photo Vest, Pro Soft Shell Jacket, and Pro Air Jacket—designed for advanced and professional female photographers.

Enjoy the Gigapixel Photography!

If you feel that your pictures sometimes lack fine-grained detail, they probably do. At least, they do compared to photographs taken with a new supercamera developed at Duke University, which is capable of instantly acquiring images that pack in a staggering 960 million pixels.
The 93-kilo device—pictured below—stitches together images from 98 separate 14-megapixel sensors to [...]

Samsung’s New WB100 Digital Camera Announced

This week, Samsung Germany has just announced one of its newest digital camera products, the Samsung WB100. AA-battery powered, the camera features a 16 megapixels sensor with 26x optical zoom.

Canon’s Mirrorless Camera in Next 30 Days?

The rumor is in the air, but there is not a lot of technical information floating around about Canon’s mirrorless entry.
According to an information, the announcement will be coming sometime in the next 30 days, but no solid date has been nailed down. Original estimates pegged an announcement in June, however Canon announcements move around [...]

Color Splash Studio App Now Available for iPhone

Color Splash Studio—selective color photography for Mac—is now available for use on iPhone devices. With the application, users can now bring up the experience of creating photos with selective color through their iPhone, with the complete experience as the Mac version.

Next, Canon-FN Seminar & Gathering Series to Hold in Semarang

Presenting Arbain Rambey—senior photographer at Kompas Daily, the seminar will discuss the theme of “Maximizing Camera in Capturing Human: Portraiture, Photojournalism, General Photography”. The seminar will start at 9 am and will last to 4 pm.

New Guide in Making Macro & Close-up Photos

If you have a passion in macro and close-up photography, you can consider to get a new book entitled Up Close: A Guide to Macro & Close Up Photography. Written by Andrew S. Gibson and published by Craft & Vision, this 88-page-spread e-book is packed with a detailed look at this unique style of photography.
Talking [...]