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Getty Images Acquired by Carlyle Group for $3.3 Billion

The deal means that Carlyle Group will have an investment of more than 50% of Getty’s stake, which certainly will be a golden opportunity for Carlyle to boost their business further and wider.

Leica M10 Reported to Release Next Month, Featuring HD Video & Live View

The M10 will feature a CMOS sensor (between 14 and 36 megapixel) with Live View, an external electronic viewfinder (EVF), HD video recording ability, and advanced high ISO performance.

Emily Hancock, the First Equestrian Photographer Receiving Fellowship Recognition

The distinction award also made her the first equestrian photographer to receive the prestigious acknowledgement.

Photos from the London 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

Here are several published photographs from the closing ceremony, which included performances of world-renowned British musicians from different eras and styles.

McAfee Social Protection for Protection towards Photos on Facebook

A collaboration between McAfee and Intel, the new application named McAfee Social Protection is a tool which helps Facebook users protect their photos from being downloaded or saved using screen-capture.

Newest from Nikon: 1 J2 Mirrorless Camera, 11-27.5mm Lens, & Underwater Housing

this week Nikon finally announced its newest product—the Nikon 1 J2 mirrorless camera. Updating the existing Nikon 1 J1, the Nikon J2 comes in portable, powerful package with the new 1 Nikkor 11-27.5mm lens.

Leaked Images: Nikon 1 J2 & 1Nikkor 11-27.5mm Lens

As already reported in the latest edition of Exposure Magz (click to download the magazine), Nikon is rumored to unveil its new mirrorless camera soon. The Nikon 1 J2 will be the successor to the 1-Series J1 that was introduced last year. The 1Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens will likely serve as a new kit lens [...]

Electrifying Photo of NASA Mohawk Guy

A momentous NASA-related event occurred recently. It caused many people to stop a moment and gaze at NASA photos. It ignited Twitter into a tizzy.
It’s not about the Mars rover landing, it’s about the NASA Mohawk Guy. Flight director Bobak Ferdowsi, better known as the NASA Mohawk Guy, has caused quite a stir with his [...]

Aesthetic Touches in Fashion & Modelling Photography

Photography is a part of art so that it is appropriate for us to embody aesthetic values in our photo works. “Artistic consideration has to be included in the concept we’ve previously made,” said Dewandra Djelantik, a Bali-based commercial photographer, in a photography workshop in Surabaya.
According to Dewandra, the concept is primarily needed to be [...]

Exposure 49th Edition

49th Edition Contents:

Scenery Astrophotography
Where past meets present
Military Photography
How fun and challenging!
Stay Humble, Always Grateful
Always grateful by living a humble life
Varanasi: Sacred & Enchanting
It has been the diamond of Gangga River
Workshop & Gathering
Banjarmasin, Palembang, Jakarta
Canon EOS-M
Akhirnya Canon luncurkan jenis mirrorless
Belajar & Berbagi Tiada Henti
Ekspektasi sekelompok mahasiswa Padang soal fotografi

Small 25.6 MB
Medium 53.3 MB
Large 103 MB

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