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Nikon Indonesia Officially Established

President of Nikon Corporation, Makoto Kimura, has officially announced the establishment of PT Nikon Indonesia in Jakarta. Nikon Hong Kong Ltd., Nikon’s marketing base in Hong Kong, has previously handled sales and service operations for Indonesia.
This new sales and service subsidiary is expected to fortify sales of imaging products, beginning with digital cameras, and to [...]

Shiotani Revealed Canon’s Strategy in Facing Phone Cameras

Live Report from Tokyo, Japan, by Kristupa Saragih
Various data collected by Canon Inc. shows the declining number of pocket camera sales in 2011-2012. “At this time, worldwide smartphones are 700 million units, while digital cameras only 100 million units,” said Yasushi Shiotani, Manager Design Center Canon Inc., to Exposure and some journalists from 5 Asian [...]

Canon STM Lens’s Focal Length Can Be Longer & Wider

Live Report from Tokyo, Japan, by Kristupa Saragih
Not just compact as pancake, Canon’s STM lenses apparently have applied popular technology. Met in Canon Inc. headquarter in Shimomaruko, Tokyo, Masato Okada, Executive Officer – Deputy Chief Executive – ICP Group 1 Canon Inc., explained the technology in Canon lenses. Okada chaired a group responsible for overall Canon [...]

Canon’s Sensor Secret Unveiled: Gapless Microlenses

Live Report from Tokyo, Japan, by Kristupa Saragih
It was an honor when visiting Canon Inc. headquarter at Shimomaruko, Tokyo, Japan and welcomed by high-ranking officials of the world-leading digital camera industry. Moreover, the group leader who is in chjarge for Canon’s DSLR delivered a presentation entitled Technology Strategy. We were not allowed to take pictures [...]

“Kinky Rain,” A Photographer’s Unique Book of Short Stories

When a photographer wrote a book of fiction, the book might be a bit distinctive, and unique as well. “Kinky Rain” is the book which combines short stories, photos and sketches.
Authored by Adimodel, a Jakarta-based professional photographer, the book consists of ten short stories involving dark, sexy and erotical themes. “This is my first book [...]

Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013 with New Leica S as Grand Prize

For you who have passion in action and adventure sport photography, Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013 invites you to join this photo contest. It has already opened for submissions since December 1, 2012, and you have until the end of April 2013 to submit your shots. There is no entry fee.
Red Bull Illume is [...]

“Nyooh!!” Offering Portraiture

Nyoohh is a Javanese expression  which usually rises when someone offering something. This word becomes the title of KPY (Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta – a “free of charge” school of photography in Yogyakarta) Class III  in their first photo exhibition.
“Nyoohh!!” is a portrait photo exhibition held by the Class III students as the final project for [...]

Secret of New Coating on New Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS Lens

Live Report from Canon Oita Factory Japan by Kristupa Saragih
New lens release sometimes occurs only based on different variant on maximum aperture. However, for the new Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS lens, it acquires new technology of lens coating. It was revealed in Exposure’s visit to Canon Oita Inc. factory in Oita, Kyushu, Japan, yesterday [...]

Production of Canon EOS 6D: 40 Minutes per Unit

Live Report from Canon Oita Factory Japan by Kristupa Saragih
It was a luck that Exposure could see directly the production process of Canon EOS 6D at Canon factory in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. One unit of the most compact and lightest full-frame camera in the world needs only 40 minutes to assemble and ready to [...]

Canon Oita Factory, Where World-leading Cameras Are Born

Live Report from Canon Oita Factory Japan by Kristupa Saragih

To bring our cameras to the factory where they were made is like bringing our brothers/sisters back to where they were born. This came to mind when Exposure was invited by Canon Singapore via Jakarta-based PT Datascrip to visit Canon factory in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.
What [...]