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Canon-FN Workshop in Medan: Rectifying the Misperception about Lens

There are many perceptions about lens and its functions. Harlim, a Jakarta-based professional photographer and infra-red photography expert as well, tried to rectify the lens myths by delivering Canon & FotograferNet (FN) Workshop Series 2013 themed “Karakteristik Lensa” (Lens Characteristics).
Harlim explained about the myths in photography, including in lenses at front of 98 participants attending this [...]

New PowerShot Cameras & Ultra-zoom Lens from Canon

Canon has been busy introducing their five PowerShot models and an ultra-zoom lens. Five new PowerShot cameras are PowerShot N Facebook, G16, S120, SX510 HS and SX170 IS. Meanwhile, the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM is the first EF-S telephoto zoom with STM technology.

PowerShot N Facebook is a limited edition from the PowerShot N series. [...]

A Visual Reflection on 15 Years of Reform

In the moment 68th Anniversary of Indonesia, Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery (GFJA) ia holding a photo exhibition entitled “15 Th Reformasi u/ Kemerdekaan?” to commemorate 15 years of reform in Indonesia.
The exhibition will be opened this evening (8/22) at 8.00 pm, and open for public until August 28, 2013 at GFJA, Jakarta. Curated by Oscar [...]

On His Photo Stolen, Hengki Koentjoro Calls Apology from Samsung & the Thief

Samsung’s “#LiveInTheMoment” Instragram photo contest has been in controversy since one of the contest-winning photos is stolen from Indonesian well-known photographer, Hengki Koentjoro. Hengki calls an apology upon the mistake and negligence from Samsung and the thief.
“I will also ask Samsung to give me the identity of the thief for a legal action,” Hengki Koentjoro [...]

Shikhei Goh on His Award-winning Photo Critisized as Pseudo-Nature

The photo entitled “Splashing” made by Indonesian photographer, Shikhei Goh, won the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest for Nature category. Recently the image was said to be pseudo-nature since it was not taken natutrally and the photographer was said to fabricate the story.
“I never fabricate stories,” said Shikhei Goh to Exposure in responding to the [...]

FN Hunting: Capturing & Being Part of Baliem Valley Festival

Dani, Yali, and Lani tribes inhabiting Wamena Highlands, Papua, gathered in the annual event named Baliem Valley Festival. It is a unique tradition involving diverse local tribes in a dramatic war simulation with scenario that usually rises in the real life of the tribes.
A photo hunting entitled “FN Hunting Series 2013: Wamena” organized by FotograferNet [...]

Exposure 61st: Special Edition

61st Edition Contents:

The Best 5
Five best photos from several categories
The Independence Day
Your photos to celebrate the independence of Indonesia

Small 20.7 MB
Large 56.0 MB

Download here
Download all editions here

Canon’s New Ultra-compact Full-HD Camcorder

Canon has announced an ultra-slim pocket full-HD camcorder. With just 5.6oz (158.76g) and in 3.8” (96.52mm) x 3” (76.2mm) x 1” (25.4mm), Canon Vixia Mini offers innovative design that can be slipped into a pocket like a smartphone, but also enables to capture high quality images in any situations.
Vixia Mini features an ultra wide-angle Canon [...]

Attachable Lenses for the Upcoming Sony Xperia Honami

Leaked pictures of Sony add-on lenses follows the rumor of the upcoming Sony Xperia Honami. The two lenses are reportedly named as DSC-QX10 and DSC-Q100.
The lens system essentially turns your smartphone into a compact camera, with the smartphone operate as the LCD screen and brain, while the lens contains the sensor and the eye. The [...]

Capturing the “Sleeping” Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is known as the city that never sleeps with traffic jams everyday and everywhere. However, the holiday of Eid al-Fitr has lulled this big city life since most of its citizens were back to their hometowns.

Nearly 300 FotograferNet members – familiarly called FNers – gathered at downtown Jakarta to have [...]