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Best Selling Cameras in Indonesia

In 2012 a bunch of cameras has gone on sale in Indonesia. Information collected from some photography shops shows various results. Two top brands, Canon and Nikon, are still dominating.
According to Hartono Halim, owner of Focus Nusantara, the top three best selling cameras in his shop in 2012 are “Canon, Nikon and then Sony.” He [...]

Next Olympus PEN Camera Coming in May/June

Rumor is in the air regarding the next Olympus PEN camera. Some said it would look like PEN F film camera. It is rumored to be equipped with viewfinder, but not sure whether it’s optical or electronic.
In addition, Olympus Indonesia brought forward a little bit different information on the camera. “This camera will be in [...]

Create Your Image Slideshow Instantly on YouTube

Did you notice that a popular video-sharing website, YouTube, has a new feature for creating slideshow video from your photos? If you have YouTube account, you can do it instantly.
Just login to your YouTube account and choose the upload button. After you are in the upload page, you can find the “Photo slideshow” on the [...]

Encounters: A Visual Diary, a Collection of Emotions

The launch of photography book entitled “Encounters” by Rony Zakaria, followed with the opening of his photo exhibition with the same title, will be held this evening (3/15) at Galeri Cipta 3, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Both the book and the exhibition highlight Zakaria’s accomplishments as a photographer, and showcase an array of his carefully [...]

Stop or Keep Uploading Photos/Videos on Facebook?

If you are a Facebook user, have you read its terms of service? The point is that you are still the owner of your content, including photos and videos, but they can use it in various ways without your permission. Seemingly, an effort to write a “legal notice” to their wall which has been done [...]

New Miniaturized Classic Camera

In a size of miniature, new Minox DCC 14 MP has real-camera function and features. This camera is in scale of 1:3 with its small dimension at just 82mm (L) x 67mm (W) x 46mm (H) and 113.5 grams in weight.
It boasts a 14.0 MP CMOS sensor with 4x zoom and 2” TFT LCD display. [...] for Artists, Photographers & Writers to Exhibit Their Work – a new free of charge social network for artists, photographers, and writers to exhibit their work on a global platform and receive critical feedback – is now in its public beta version. The site is expected to be in public beta testing for approximately four weeks from March 11, 2013 and welcomes all [...]

For Extreme Action Sport Shoot with iPhone 5

Optrix XD5 is designated to optimize the use of iPhone 5 for action sport shoot. It fits like a glove for unparalleled protection against water and shock. It also enables users to record wide-angle HD videos under extreme condition.
The XD5 uses a “monocoque,” the same protective unibody technology to protect Formula 1 driver, making it [...]

A Replacement for EOS 60D?

Rumors about a new Canon DSLR camera have spreaded along the week. The new camera is rumored to be the successor of Canon EOS 60D, and probably called as EOS 70D. A source claimed that the release would be on March 22.
Canon EOS 60D was released on August 2010, and it seems to be an [...]

“Kilas Balik 2012,” Photojournalists’ Visual Notes

A photo exhibition entitled “Kilas Balik 2012” (Flashback 2012) will be officially opened this evening at Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) Jakarta. Curated by Oscar Motuloh, an Indonesian senior photojournalist and Head of the GFJA, the exhibition is showcasing 132 photos depicting events in 2012 captured by 64 Antara photojournalists from various cities in Indonesia.

“This [...]