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Samsung’s New Cameras & Lenses for NX Series

In early 2014 Samsung seems to be the first company to announce its latest cameras and lenses. Near to CES 2014 to be held in Las Vegas, Samsung step-ups the competition by introducing NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 cameras, and Samsung’s first ever Premium “S” 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8 S ED OIS and 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom [...]

Hasselblad’s New Victor: More Power to Pictures

Following “Victor – Photography Book Two” which have gained plaudits, Hasselblad has now published its latest edition: Victor – Photography Book Three. This book format publication is available this week.
While the format remains the same, the mix of text and images has changed a little in Issue Three; the emphasis is now being placed on [...]’s 11th Anniversary: Opening Various Opportunities for the Advancement of Photography

Today (12/30), has its 11th anniversary. Hopefully, this biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia could grow larger, and could open various opportunities for the advancement of photography.
“We have learned a lot for eleven years. We want to make far bigger steps and open ourseleves for various opportunities aiming to make photography more popular [...]

The Changing Yogyakarta in the Eyes of Photojournalists

Yogyakarta, or familiarly called Jogja, is said to have grown into a little Jakarta. The slogan of “Jogja Berhati Nyaman” (Warmhearted Jogja) is now fading away as traffic, social, economic, education and other problems rises. Some say that the city seems no longer comfortable.
Pewarta Foto Indonesia/PFI Yogyakarta (Indonesian Photojournalist Association Chapter Yogyakarta) conveys its concern [...]

300 Photographers in Aceh Gathered in the Name of Friendship

An annual photography event in Aceh was successfully held yesterday (12/22), with more than 22 photography communities in Aceh joining the event. Entitled “Hunting Akbar Fotografer Aceh”/HAFA (Aceh Photographers’ Grand Hunting) 2013, it was attended by more than 300 photographers in Banda Aceh and its surrounding.
Although it rained, the participants still attended the event enthusiastically. [...]

Persuasion to Original Ideas in “Personal Project” Exhibition

KPY (KelasPagi Yogyakarta – a “free of charge” school of photography in Yogyakarta) is now showcasing photography works of its students attending Personal Project class. In the “Personal Project” photo exhibition, the photos showcased are works of 10 students.
At KPY, there are three majors to offer in the intermediate phase which is aimed to lead [...]

“Believe in Your Eyes” Explores Iris, Light, Alphabets

Photo works by three young photographers – Handry R.D Happy, Marsiano Rocky L, Putra U. D.Satrio – in the “Believe in Your Eyes” photo exhibition are exploration of photography techniques and shapes. They are final assignment projects from three students of Master Degree Program at Institut Seni Indonesia/ISI (Indonesia Institute of the Arts) Yogyakarta.
The exhibition, [...]

Sony A7 & A7R Now Available in Indonesia for Pre-order

Introduced in mid-October 2013, Sony Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R are now available in Indonesia for pre-order. Both are the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless system cameras. With the resolution of 24.3 MP for A7 and 36.3 for A7R, they have the highest resolution in mirrorless class.
The cameras was introduced to public in Jakarta [...]

World Press Photo Contest 2014 Calls for Entries

The 2014 World Press Photo Contest now opens for entries until January 15, 2014, 23.59 CET. It is free to enter for all professional photojournalists and their representatives. Entries may only be submitted online.
Before submitting your works, you need to register online via the World Press Photo entry website to get your user name and [...]

Canon-FN Gathering in Surabaya: Warmth, Joy, Special Photo Sharing

A great photographer is he/she who wants to share knowledge to others. “Great photographers should be like the philosophy of water. Philosophy of water as in the FN’s (FotograferNet) 11th anniversary logo always flows to the lower ground, it means a photographer should be a humble person,” said Kristupa Saragih, co-founder of FN, in his [...]