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Limited Edition of Pentax K-3

Ricoh Inc. has introduced a special edition model of the original Pentax K-3, Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition. This limited-edition model features a sleek, gunmetal gray body with a BG-5 battery grip designed exclusively for the K-3 which makes it a perfect match for the HD Pentax DA Limited lens series. K-3 Prestige Edition is priced [...]

A Photo Book Dedicated to Dani Tribe

Dani, an ethnic group residing in the highland of Baliem Valley, is one of the most well-known ethnic groups in Papua. It is also one of the most populous tribes in the highlands. “Dani: The Highlander” tells us a visual witness from a Tour Operator and photography enthusiast, Evi Aryati Arbay, depicting her experience in [...]

Hasselblad’s New CMOS Sensor-based Digital Back for V System Camera

Hasselblad has launched a 50-MP CMOS back designed to work on almost every Hasselblad V camera made by the company since 1957. Hasselblad CFV-50c provides V System users with a unique opportunity to benefit from latest digital capture technology, including outstanding ISO capability.
Its CMOS sensor offers improved noise reduction and sensitivity with a maximum ISO [...]

Indonesian’s Aerial Photo Wins the World’s First Drone Photo Contest

The first ever Drone Photography Competition was recently launched by Dronestagram (a website that allows drone photography hobbyists to share their photos and videos), in collaboration with National Geographic France and GoPro. It was open for photographers and aerial photography enthusiasts around the world.
The response was very enthusiastic; about 1,500 pictures were submitted for the [...]

New Pentax’s Bridge Camera with 52x Optical Zoom

Ricoh Imaging has announced a superzoom camera with a powerful 52-time optical zoom lens in its compact and portable body, named Pentax XG-1. It is designed as perfect partner for beginners who are looking for a step up from a compact camera. It covers ultra-wide-angle (24mm) to super-telephoto (1248mm) ranges and 1cm close-up shooting in [...]

Photo Exhibition on Creative Industries in Bandung

Air foto network, in collaboration with Dinas Koperasi Usaha Kecil Menengah dan Perindustrian Perdagangan (Bandung Office for Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Industry), is organizing a photo exhibition which highlights creative industries in Bandung. Entitled “Bandung Nu Urang,” it will be held on Saturday (7/19) at Taman Foto Bandung, Jl. Taman Cempaka, Bandung.
The [...]

Football is Party in Brazil

The biggest sport event in the world is over; it brings a joy to the winner and a disappointment to the defeated. Germany finally lifted up the highest trophy in the world’s football competition, World Cup. Brazilian team that hosted the World Cup 2014 couldn’t reach the final; yet, it didn’t stop its people’s enthusiasm.
Mast [...]

Eyefi’s Top 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers

Eyefi, the global leader in digital camera connectivity, recognized the first ever top 30 most socially influential photographers with the greatest online impact and engagement. The talented artists that encompass the top 30 ranking are those making the biggest impact in the online photography space.
They were identified using a broad range of influencer discovery and [...]

Underwater Photo Books to Help Marine Life Conservation

Richard Salas, specializing in underwater nature and commercial photography since 1980, sets to publish his third and final book in the trilogy of his underwater photography book series. Entitled “Luminous Sea,” this book is an in-depth experience of a world that lies just below the surface of the Northern Pacific Ocean.
“Luminous Sea” is the third [...]

Exposure 72nd Edition

72nd Edition Contents:

Fearless Child Jockeys & Human Values
Without safety gears, they ride in high speed and evoke sense of humanity
Underwater Moments
To know underwater obstacles is a way to avoid losing captivating moments
Wayang Potehi, Home for Diversity
It’s not just Chinese puppet performance, it’s home for diversity
Landmarks Around the World
Find how to make our distinctive and best [...]