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Tips on Photographing Birds

In photography, we often hear “what matters is the man behind the camera.” Well, it’s only half the truth when it comes to bird photography. While shorter lens may still get you the shots under right circumstances, such circumstances are few and far between. But, upgrading to longer lens is pointless if we do not [...]

Child Photography Tips

Technically there is nothing special in capturing kids. It tends to be simple if you do it outdoor with natural/available light; no sophisticated lighting equipments are required, but a camera with a zoom lens on it is all we need. Thus, the kids’ mood are not disrupted by the clutter of such photography gears as [...]

Tips: Photographing Action Figure Toys

Photographing action figure toys, especially action figure of superheroes like Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Thor up to Wolverine, is interesting and, of course, fun. But to make our photo more attractive, we need to be more creative in arranging the toys.
Photography hobbyist and action figure lover, Edy Hardjo, has made his toy photography works [...]

Shooting Tips: On Extreme Cold Weather

Taking photos in a cold or snowy places gives you the opportunity to shoot something different and dramatic, but there are a lot of obstacles as well. An extreme cold place will make our batteries lose power faster; and it has unpredictable weather (sunny will turn to snowfall in a sudden).
Rossie Zen, Lampung-based photography hobbyist [...]

Shooting Tips: Optimizing Shooting Angle in Macro Photography

Some say that position always determines the result, as well as in macro photography. Shooting angle or shooting position is very essential to create a good macro photo. If you make a little shift, it will result in different picture. It is caused by DoF (Depth of Field).
The best angle is 90-degree, or simply align [...]

Canon’s DSLR Simulator Website to Learn Shooting Basics

Canon Canada has provided a website to help beginners to learn shooting basics using a DSLR camera simulator. The learning does not include the use of Auto mode since it is said that “real creative control comes when you step outside of Auto.”
Called “Outside of Auto,” the website gives you three sections, namely Learn, Play [...]

Shooting Tips: On the Streets

Streets always offer various moments to shoot and you just need to make your cameras ready for action. Arbain Rambey, a Jakarta-based senior photojournalist, show you how and what to shoot.
TIP #1
Hunting on the streets, the subjects are not always people; a building sometimes can be interesting. Choose your shooting angle as unique [...]

Shooting Tips: Choppy/Wavy Water

Capturing choppy or wavy water on the sea as a matter of fact needs a little bit creativity to get beautiful results. A well-known landscape photographer of Indonesia, Yadi Yasin, shares his tips.
TIP #1
To keep the detail of water, try to limit your exposure time just between 1 and 5 seconds. Observe the wave power [...]

Obtaining Depth of Field in Macro Photography

In macro photography—which requires subjects shot at close distance, one of the significant challenges is to control the depth of field (DOF). The explanations are carried out in easy-to-understand, to-the-point language, enriched by several sample images and or comparisons.

An Introduction to Food Photography: A Worth-reading Article

An article entitled An Introduction to Food Photography has the answers to the questions you will likely have in mind when about to shoot for a food photography work.