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Commercialize Your iPhone Shots with Stockimo

Alamy, an online stock photo agency, has announced the launch of Stockimo application for iPhone users. Stockimo is dedicated for iPhoneographers who want to make some money from their photos. This app is compatible with iPhone iOS 6 and 7 (iPhone 4 and above).
After signing up to Stockimo, users are able to upload and tag [...]

Hasselblad’s New Victor: More Power to Pictures

Following “Victor – Photography Book Two” which have gained plaudits, Hasselblad has now published its latest edition: Victor – Photography Book Three. This book format publication is available this week.
While the format remains the same, the mix of text and images has changed a little in Issue Three; the emphasis is now being placed on [...]’s 11th Anniversary: Opening Various Opportunities for the Advancement of Photography

Today (12/30), has its 11th anniversary. Hopefully, this biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia could grow larger, and could open various opportunities for the advancement of photography.
“We have learned a lot for eleven years. We want to make far bigger steps and open ourseleves for various opportunities aiming to make photography more popular [...]

Hasselblad’s Victor: Great Pictures by International Greats

The new issue of Victor offers a list of exceptional photographers from around the world and a pile of their great works. It is a large-format, hardback, cloth-bound print title defined by outstanding photography, unique typography, and high-quality print reproductions.
The 228-page Victor – Photography Book Two presents Steve McCurry with his an exclusive edit of [...]

IPPO Provides News & Stock Photos about Indonesia

As a kind of photo agency, Indonesia Press Photo (IPPO) provides news and stock photos about Indonesia from photojournalists in Indonesia. It offers fast, easy access and transaction using professional system for all of its users.
Photos provided in IPPO are divided into several categories such as general news, portraits, social issues, human interest, sports, economy [...]

Create Your Image Slideshow Instantly on YouTube

Did you notice that a popular video-sharing website, YouTube, has a new feature for creating slideshow video from your photos? If you have YouTube account, you can do it instantly.
Just login to your YouTube account and choose the upload button. After you are in the upload page, you can find the “Photo slideshow” on the [...]

Stop or Keep Uploading Photos/Videos on Facebook?

If you are a Facebook user, have you read its terms of service? The point is that you are still the owner of your content, including photos and videos, but they can use it in various ways without your permission. Seemingly, an effort to write a “legal notice” to their wall which has been done [...] for Artists, Photographers & Writers to Exhibit Their Work – a new free of charge social network for artists, photographers, and writers to exhibit their work on a global platform and receive critical feedback – is now in its public beta version. The site is expected to be in public beta testing for approximately four weeks from March 11, 2013 and welcomes all [...]