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Shikhei Goh on His Award-winning Photo Critisized as Pseudo-Nature

The photo entitled “Splashing” made by Indonesian photographer, Shikhei Goh, won the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest for Nature category. Recently the image was said to be pseudo-nature since it was not taken natutrally and the photographer was said to fabricate the story.
“I never fabricate stories,” said Shikhei Goh to Exposure in responding to the [...]

“Finding Vivian Maier,” from Unknown to Top 20th Century Street Photography

“Finding Vivian Maier” documentary film will premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2013. Who is Vivian?
Vivian Maier was a mystery even to those who knew her. A mysterious nanny in Chicago suburb, she died in 2009 at the age of 83 and would have been forgotten. But it has changed since John Maloof, [...]

Marilyn Monroe’s 1941 Junior High School Graduation Photo to be Auctioned on May 5

What makes an old 1941 Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School Graduation photo become so special and to be? Apparently there is 15-year old Norma Jeane Baker, who later became famous as Marilyn Monroe.

When it is auctioned by Bonhams in Los Angeles on May 5, it is expected to fetch US$ 7,000 to 9,000. What [...]

Model Photography, the Most-uploaded Images

Throughout February 2013, 9377 images were already uploaded to, the biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia. As a matter of fact, model photography dominated the photos which were uploaded in the month.
With 38.3% of the uploaded photos, model category becomes the most-uploaded photos in February. It is followed by People/Human Interest category with [...]

Reuters’ Wider Image: Interactive Storytelling for iPad

Reuters news agency has released the Wider Image App created exclusively for iPad. The app, which is according to Reuters “to bring Reuters photography and information to life through an entirely new interactive experience,” offers in-depth photojournalistic reports shot by Reuters’ photographers across the world.
“The Wider Image was conceived to reimagine the way photojournalism can [...]

Neil Armstrong: First Man, First Photographer on the Moon

Armstrong was not the one photographed (like the popular belief), but was the photographer himself. This, however, revealed that he was not only the first man to land on the moon but also the first photographer to step on it.

Photos from the London 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony

Here are several published photographs from the closing ceremony, which included performances of world-renowned British musicians from different eras and styles.

Electrifying Photo of NASA Mohawk Guy

A momentous NASA-related event occurred recently. It caused many people to stop a moment and gaze at NASA photos. It ignited Twitter into a tizzy.
It’s not about the Mars rover landing, it’s about the NASA Mohawk Guy. Flight director Bobak Ferdowsi, better known as the NASA Mohawk Guy, has caused quite a stir with his [...]

Exclusive Photos of Madonna Filming Her New Music Video

Madonna once again make it to the music industry by releasing her new album, MDNA. As last March she had promoted the album by making an appearance at Ultra Music Festival (Miami), some exclusive photos from The Huffington Post reveals that she is currently working on filming a music video for the album.

“Unseen” Gaddafi Photos Unearthed for London Show

Previously unseen photographs and documents, recovered from state intelligence buildings controlled by Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi, will go on show in London this week. “Through carefully collated photographs, documents, artefacts and video, this exhibition will shed light on the recent history of Libya,” say organisers.
“The exhibition will highlight photography’s role in recording and documenting an [...]