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Exposure 87th Edition

87th Edition Contents:

Cave Adventuring with Phone Camera
To see smartphone reliability in extreme environment
Veiled Jockeys Speeding
Female students of Pondok Pesantren compete in horse racing
In the Maze of Blue City
It is amusing to feel & capture the pulse of the city life
13 Fotografer Indonesia Menangi HPA 2015
Fotografer dari Makassar & Yogya raih penghargaan tertinggi
Lensa Full-frame Baru dari [...]

Exposure 86th Edition

86th Edition Contents:

Beauty and the Beast
To combine human and wild animal. What a harmony!
Fighting Ritual for Good Harvest
They fight to respect the tradition that brings no revenge
Exotic Baliem Valley
Baliem Valley Festival always attracts many people’s attention
Foto Ke-2.000.000 di
Termotivasi untuk berbagi inspirasi dengan mengunggah foto
Sertifikasi Profesi Fotografi
Kenapa harus disertifikasi? Apa keuntungannya?
Dua Lensa Baru Tamron
SP 35mm [...]

Exposure 85th Edition

85th Edition Contents:

Darkroom Experimentation
Exploring multi-print technique in black-and-white darkroom
A Piece of “Mudik” Story
An annual ritual when people come home for Eid al-Fitr holiday
Enchantment in Siberian Winter
Having fun & enjoying a charm of Siberian winter in Irkutsk
Terlalu Umum & Hambat Kreativitas
Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Nomor 90 Tahun 2015
Indonesia Raih World Cup
Di event fotografi internasional FIAP Biennial 2015
Yang [...]

Exposure 84th Edition

84th Edition Contents:

Galling but Challenging
Shooting celebrities is annoying and challenging as well
Caught in a Valley
Severe earthquake in Nepal made some people caught in a valley for days
Charming Matterhorn
It’s not about the ascent of Mt Matterhorn, it’s about photographing it
Natgeo Indonesia Minta Maaf
Akibat lalai memuat foto tanpa izin, National Geographic minta maaf
Peluncuran Fujifilm X-T10
Kamera Fujifilm X-Series [...]

Exposure 83rd Edition

83rd Edition Contents:

To Unveil the Building’s Beauty
Explorative strength is required for bringing its beauty out
Ritual of Human Skulls
Asking for blessings, they holds a ritual of “feeding” and bathing human skulls
What A Wonderful Biak!
The hidden beauty of a small island in the eastern part of Indonesia
Canon EOS 5DS, Canon 5DSR, Fujifilm X-T10
Tiga kamera baru itu tersedia [...]

Exposure 82nd Edition

82nd Edition Contents:

For the Betterment of Education
Visual narratives about an effort for the betterment of children education
In the Hustle & Bustle of Jakarta
Sometimes reality in the capital of Indonesia is not as lovely as it is dreamed
Scenic Top of Europe
The Alps offers views of nature which are interesting to visit and photograph
Dana Bantuan Getty Images-Instagram
Tiga [...]

Exposure 81st Edition

81st Edition Contents:

Unusual & Comical Superheroes
They are not in any movie or comic book, they are just in toy photography
Portrait of A Female Boxer
She has managed to prove she is a champion inside & outside the ring
UK & Its Enchanting Ancientness
The photos taken with infrared-modified camera make the ancient taste stronger
Fotografer Indonesia Menangi Lomba Foto [...]

Exposure 80th Edition

80th Edition Contents:

A Book of Respect
Not just an interesting book of portraiture, it is a respect for photography maestros
Chinese New Year Celebration
Several towns and cities in Indonesia in celebrating Chinese New Year 2566
Unceasing Struggle & Smile
He has been a sulfur miner for tens of years. It’s hard but there’s always smile
Encountering the Inland Tribe of [...]

Exposure 79th Edition

79th Edition Contents:

AirAsia Crash: Search & Evacuation
The visual story about the search and evacuation for victims and aircraft debris
Pictures of the Year 2014
Foto-foto terbaik Exposure Magz dari edisi Januari sampai Desember 2014
Winter Wonder in Iceland
Due to its extreme terrain and weather, it is a challenge to shoot its spectacular nature
Mass Cockfighting in Bali
It is [...]

Exposure 78th Edition

78th Edition Contents:

Aceh, Ten Years After the Huge Tsunami
The pictures tell us about how Aceh was ten years ago and how it is today
Unique Moments in Sports
It seems to be very challenging to capture athletes’ actions
Nias, a Perfect Blend of Culture and Nature
Come and shoot its lovely nature. enchanting culture, people’s daily life
Cleansing Ritual of [...]