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Exposure 101st Edition

101st Edition Contents:

Create Your Own Style in Street Photography
Street photography has grown and rebelled against dogmas. It’s time for your own style
Dear Dogs, Poor Dogs
Some stray dogs are rescued, some others are abused
Capturing a Festival in a Decade
The festival is worth photographing. Thousands of images were made for a decade
Canon EOS M5
Kamera mirrorless baru, janjikan [...]

Exposure 100th Edition

100th Edition Contents:

Capturing Moments on Dance Stage
Pay attention to your position for shooting and peak moments of dance movements
The Youngest Royal Servant
He is just a kid, seven years old, but he has been a royal servant at Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace
Cruising the Amazing Komodo National Park
Sailing, spending the night on the ship and doing photo hunting [...]

Exposure 99th Edition

99th Edition Contents:

Documenting Batik Properly
October 2 is Batik National Day, and here we are sharing an experience how to document the heritage properly
A Life of Borderland Guards in Eastern Indonesia
Their main duty is securing the borderland, but sometimes they become teachers, chefs, and help others
Alluring Beauty of Outlying Anambas
Located remotely in the northwestern part of [...]

Exposure 98th Edition

98th Edition Contents:

Fly & Capture Gorgeous Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is more astonishing to be photographed from above
Bagan’s Magical Charm
This ancient city offers great scenery and magical atmosphere
Jurnalis Boikot Lomba Foto-Video TNI
Memprotes tindak kekerasan oleh aparat terhadap jurnalis
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
DSLR terbaru dari Canon, siap hadir bulan depan
Fujifilm X-A3
Kompak, ringan, canggih, mudah untuk foto selfie
Salon Foto Indonesia [...]

Exposure 97th Edition

97th Edition Contents:

Experimenting Expired Film on Analog Camera
It’s not merely photographing, it’s the whole process which is challenging and fun
A Day in the Life of Tea Pickers
In every tea plantation, we will encounter tea pickers with a story of their own
A Hidden Paradise in Gunungsewu Karst Area
Klayar Beach in East Java offers a lot of [...]

Exposure 96th Edition

96th Edition Contents:

Human Body Part as Snake Habitat
Depicting the imagination about the closeness of the two entities
A Bridge by the People for the People
Driven by common need, local people build their bamboo bridge themselves
Italy, Down South to Up North
Naples, Florence, Venice, Verona and Milan are must-visit cities
Hasselblad X1D
Kamera medium format mirrorless pertama di dunia Reputasinya [...]

Exposure 95th Edition

95th Edition Contents:

Aerial Views of Jakarta in 24 Years
It is a visual story to see what changes have been made in the capital of Indonesia
“Tedong” Market in Toraja
The existence of this unique market cannot be separated from Torajanese culture
Encountering Sadhus, Framing Moments
Their expression and gesture sometimes look unique and photogenic
Steve McCurry Tersandung Manipulasi Foto
Itulah yang [...]

Exposure 94th Edition

94th Edition Contents:

What to Note in Traditional Wedding
It is diffetrent from modern-style one. Know first things to do to get ideal photos
Let’s Inspire Children in Remote Areas
Young volunteers joined a program to motivate and inspire children in Tanimbar Islands
Raja Ampat, from Depth to Height
Bring all your photography gears to get lovely underwater, landscape and aerial [...]

Exposure 93rd Edition

93rd Edition Contents:

To Arouse Appetite
Photographing food is a challenge since the picture should be able to arouse appetite
A Red-light District Crushed to the Ground
Kalijodo, the oldest red-light district in Jakarta, was crushed to the ground
Alleys in Enchanting “Big City”e
Entering alleys of Kotagede, Yogyakarta, seems to take us back to the past
17000 Islands of Imagination
Buku foto [...]

Exposure 92nd Edition

92nd Edition Contents:

Creativeness in Rainy Days
Playing creatively in rainy season with tiny but lovely things
The Beat of Life in Remote Karimata
Stories ranging from the people’s daily life to the beauty of nature
Amazing Outdoor Experience
Places and activities we should see and experience while in Jordan
World Press Photo of the Year
Cerita dramatis tentang pengungsi di perbatasan Hongaria-Serbia
Harganya [...]