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Exposure 72nd Edition

72nd Edition Contents:

Fearless Child Jockeys & Human Values
Without safety gears, they ride in high speed and evoke sense of humanity
Underwater Moments
To know underwater obstacles is a way to avoid losing captivating moments
Wayang Potehi, Home for Diversity
It’s not just Chinese puppet performance, it’s home for diversity
Landmarks Around the World
Find how to make our distinctive and best [...]

Exposure 71st Edition

71st Edition Contents:

Dialogue with Space & Time
How a phone camera encounters its objects in space and time
Railroad Station and a Celeb
Fashion photography at a railroad station with an actress
Salt Farmers in East Bali: A Bitterness
Sooner or later, tourism industry will get rid of salt farming tradition
Beautous Belitung
If you are landscape enthusiast, it’s a must-visit paradise
Caring [...]

Exposure 70th Edition

70th Edition Contents:

Pictures of the Year 2013
Foto-foto terbaik Exposure Magz sepanjang tahun 2013
Lines, Shapes & Composition
Lovely pictures in the form of abstract and minimalism
Election Day
Interesting and unique photos of election day from around Indonesia
Inilah Suara Anda
Hasil lengkap polling Most Wanted 2014
A Fisherman Settlement in North Medan
With their humbleness, they keep smiling and have energy [...]

Exposure 69th Edition

69th Edition Contents:

Vox Populi Vox Dei
Images of general elections in Indonesia from 1971 to 2014
Enchanting photos captured with smartphone
Dedicated Gandrung Dancer
Dedicated Gandrung Dancer
Lovely Landscape & Underwater
Lovely Landscape & Underwater Most Wanted 2014
Sampaikan aspirasi Anda!
NX Mini: Ramping & Pintar
Kamera terbaru dari Samsung tawarkan kecanggihan, kemudahan
Berburu “Dugem”
Komunitas yang berbasis di Medan ini menspesialisasikan diri memotret di ruang-ruang [...]

Exposure 68th Edition

68th Edition Contents:

The Outburst and After…
A visual story of Sinabung & Kelud eruption with the impact they have brought
To Face the Devastated
The eruption might end, but the problem is not over yet
Rock Opera
It’s about rock climbing photography: a vertical drama!
Heaven for Landscape Hunters
Hunting for landscape photos in an island off the east coast of Malaysia
Fujifilm [...]

Exposure 67th Edition

67th Edition Contents:

Here, There and Everywhere: Flood
Images of flood from several impacted areas. Stunning, touching!
Macro Photography: Iris
Look into your eyes and discover the uniqueness
Family of Bricks
Dads, moms, kids. All are involved in production process
Vietnam’s Unusual Spots
Explore the southern part, find some unusual spots
Kumpul FNers & Pameran Foto di Mataram
Demi kemajuan fotografi & promosi keelokan Nusa [...]

Exposure 66th Edition

66th Edition Contents:

An Indonesian in Antarctica
Touring and photographing in the white continent
To Circumambulate Photography
An experience to avoid specializing in a genre. Why? Or, why not?
Underwater Pre-wedding Photography
It is not just photographing and diving. Safety should be prioritized
A Park Life in Dhaka
City park should be a place for refreshment. In fact, it’s not.
11 Tahun FotograferNet
Perayaan ulang [...]

Exposure 65th Edition

65th Edition Contents:

Commercial & Personal Works: An Intercross
Both need the same great portion of commitment and priority
Stunning High-speed Photography
Improved devices, more astonishing results
Harmony in “Little China”
Preserving harmony & peace in the multicultural society of Lasem
High-altitude Sublimity
Ladakh, a worthy place to visit and capture
Nikon Df Hadir Bulan Ini di Indonesia
Berdesain klasik, kamera DSLR ini berteknologi canggih
Lomba [...]

Exposure 64th Edition

64th Edition Contents:

Right in Time, Place, Atmosphere
Things to note to get optimum results in shooting landscape
Borobudur, an Aesthetic Exploration
It is more than just photographing this magnificient temple
Towards Thy Calling
Their only desire is to get closer to their God
The Hidden Paradise in Eastern Indonesia
Morotai Island: its nature beauty & important historical remains
FN Street Hunting 2013
Lebih 3.800 [...]

Exposure 63rd Edition

63rd Edition Contents:

An Effort to Win
Tips from an award-winning photographer to win photo contest
Tiny Creatures: Up-close and Personal
Not only shooting and enjoying, but also knowing these lovely tiny creatures
Dreadlock Hair but not Rastafarians
It grows mysteriously, and it is a bad luck. A cutting ritual is required
Explore Singapore
Crossing Bridges 10, several photographers from 7 countries [...]