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Exposure 80th Edition

80th Edition Contents:

A Book of Respect
Not just an interesting book of portraiture, it is a respect for photography maestros
Chinese New Year Celebration
Several towns and cities in Indonesia in celebrating Chinese New Year 2566
Unceasing Struggle & Smile
He has been a sulfur miner for tens of years. It’s hard but there’s always smile
Encountering the Inland Tribe of [...]

Exposure 79th Edition

79th Edition Contents:

AirAsia Crash: Search & Evacuation
The visual story about the search and evacuation for victims and aircraft debris
Pictures of the Year 2014
Foto-foto terbaik Exposure Magz dari edisi Januari sampai Desember 2014
Winter Wonder in Iceland
Due to its extreme terrain and weather, it is a challenge to shoot its spectacular nature
Mass Cockfighting in Bali
It is [...]

Exposure 78th Edition

78th Edition Contents:

Aceh, Ten Years After the Huge Tsunami
The pictures tell us about how Aceh was ten years ago and how it is today
Unique Moments in Sports
It seems to be very challenging to capture athletes’ actions
Nias, a Perfect Blend of Culture and Nature
Come and shoot its lovely nature. enchanting culture, people’s daily life
Cleansing Ritual of [...]

Exposure 77th Edition

77th Edition Contents:

Long & Winding Road in Photography
Experiences we can learn from the era of film camera until digital one
Doing Industrial Photography
It is dealing with so risky environment that safety and capability become priority
Photographing People When Traveling
How to make good photos of people we meet when we are traveling
Between Bounty and Decay
A story of fishermen [...]

Exposure 76th Edition

76th Edition Contents:

Dani Tribe: Upclose and Personal
Ten-year interaction with Dani Tribe results in a lovely book
Wedding Photography: A Lot of Options
A sharing of various styles & concepts by fellow photographers
Colorful Irau in Malinau
All Dayak tribes gathered and presented cultural performances. So colorful!
Janger, Fighting a Losing Battle
A traditional performance which is unwilling to live, unwilling to [...]

Exposure 75th Edition

75th Edition Contents:

9 Years, 2000 Destinations, Thousands of Photos
All have been embodied in a complete book about Indonesia’s treasure
Shooting with Jupiter Aerobatic Team
It is a rare opportunity and the photos taken are very distinctive
A Piece of Heaven on Earth
Raja Ampat in Papua offers many wonderful & heavenly spots to capture
The Guardians
Celebrating the 69th anniversary of [...]

Exposure 74th Edition

74th Edition Contents:

From Underwater to Up in the Air
Pictures taken from events in celebrating the Independence Day of Indonesia
Hometown Calling
Hometown called in Eid-al-Fitr holiday, a lot of moments were captured
Constructing Drama in Wedding Photos
It’s not only documenting, dramatization is involved as well
Javanese Kris Maestro
How does an “empu” make the scared kris?
People, Culture, Nature of Papua
Shooting [...]

Exposure 73rd Edition

73rd Edition Contents:

Images of Presidential Election, a History
The photos are already made. This is the history that we have recorded
Making Product Ads
It’s about how to deal more with creative works
Sailing with Tough Sailors of Pinisi
To feel how tough they are in the risky voyage only with simple equipments
Spectacular Light Festival
If you visit Sydney next year, [...]

Exposure 72nd Edition

72nd Edition Contents:

Fearless Child Jockeys & Human Values
Without safety gears, they ride in high speed and evoke sense of humanity
Underwater Moments
To know underwater obstacles is a way to avoid losing captivating moments
Wayang Potehi, Home for Diversity
It’s not just Chinese puppet performance, it’s home for diversity
Landmarks Around the World
Find how to make our distinctive and best [...]

Exposure 71st Edition

71st Edition Contents:

Dialogue with Space & Time
How a phone camera encounters its objects in space and time
Railroad Station and a Celeb
Fashion photography at a railroad station with an actress
Salt Farmers in East Bali: A Bitterness
Sooner or later, tourism industry will get rid of salt farming tradition
Beautous Belitung
If you are landscape enthusiast, it’s a must-visit paradise
Caring [...]