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CPMI 2014: Photo Clinic Trip to Japan for First Winners

Canon and PT Datascrip, the sole distributor of Canon products in Indonesia, has officially announced three cities to host Canon PhotoMarathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2014 in October. In this year, the prestigious annual competition brings more improvement than CPMI 2013. Medan is now included as one of the cities to host CPMI 2014 beside Jakarta and [...]

Great Response to Indonesian Photo Exhibition in Fukuoka

A photo exhibition organized by KPIF (Komunitas Photographer Indonesia di Fukuoka), an Indonesian photography community based in Fukuoka, Japan, had a great response from public in Fukuoka. Taking place at Galería El Taller from August 22 to 27 and entitled “13466 + 1 – Japan in the Eyes of Indonesia,” the exhibition breaks a new [...]

Burma’s Rohingya in Pictures: Beyond Photography

“By presenting my works here I can help to engage the audience’s voice and diplomatic power of Indonesia in defending human rights of the Rohingya,” said Greg Constantine to Exposure after speaking at a seminar in Yogyakarta today (8/26).
Constantine is US-based award-winning photojournalist and the author of the acclaimed book “Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya” [...]

“Ritual” Being Showcased in Bali

Celebrating the 5th Denpasar Film Festival (DFF) in 2014, four photographers from Project 88 – Anggara Mahendra, Jeje Prima Wardani, Johanes P. Christo, and Syafiudin Vifick – are presenting a photo exhibition entitled “Ritual.” Taking place at Danes Art Veranda, Denpasar, Bali, it is open for public until August 25.
Living in a society with abundant cultures [...]

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia 2014 to be Held in October

Canon Photo Marathon Indonesia (CPMI) 2014 is planned to be organized in October. However, there is no information yet regarding the date and the cities which are going to host the annual event.
In a sharing forum called “Road to Canon Photo Marathon 2014” in Yogyakarta last Friday (8/15), Misbachul Munir – a Yogyakarta-based professional photographer [...]

Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 69th Anniversary of Indonesia

Celebrating the 69th anniversary of Indonesia, Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) – Antara Gallery of Photojournalism – collaborating with Bintaro Xchange presented a photo exhibition entitled “Proklamasi untuk Indonesia Baru” (Proclamation for the New Indonesia) and a book launch of “Indonesian Press Photo Service (IPPHOS): reMASTERed Edition.”
Officially opened on August 11, the exhibition is showcasing [...]

Tompi on Wamena Photo Hunting: “Hard but Worth It”

“ Hunting Series 2014: Wamena” was already held from August 6 to 11. Sixteen participants from several cities in Indonesia and abroad joined the photo hunting, and they were all satisfied with the hunting, including the images they hunted for.
Their main shooting target was an annual cultural event called the 25th Lembah Baliem Culture Festival [...]

Shooting & Excitement at the “Deserted Jakarta”

Approximately 300 (FN) members and photography enthusiasts in Jakarta crowded the streets around Bundaran HI area in the morning today (7/30). They gathered in a fun photo hunting event called “Jakarta Sepi” (deserted Jakarta).

This annual event is always organized in Eid al-Fitr holiday, when most of Jakarta’s people are back to their hometowns. Participants [...]

Indonesian’s Aerial Photo Wins the World’s First Drone Photo Contest

The first ever Drone Photography Competition was recently launched by Dronestagram (a website that allows drone photography hobbyists to share their photos and videos), in collaboration with National Geographic France and GoPro. It was open for photographers and aerial photography enthusiasts around the world.
The response was very enthusiastic; about 1,500 pictures were submitted for the [...]

Photo Exhibition on Creative Industries in Bandung

Air foto network, in collaboration with Dinas Koperasi Usaha Kecil Menengah dan Perindustrian Perdagangan (Bandung Office for Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Industry), is organizing a photo exhibition which highlights creative industries in Bandung. Entitled “Bandung Nu Urang,” it will be held on Saturday (7/19) at Taman Foto Bandung, Jl. Taman Cempaka, Bandung.
The [...]