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Photo Exhibition & Book Dedicated to Sinabung & Kelud Victims

The eruption of Mt Sinabung in North Sumatra and Mt Kelud in East Java have become a major disaster issue in Indonesia at the beginning of 2014. Several charity movements have already been carried out to raise sympathy and empathy to the victims, to accelerate recovery.
Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) in collaboration with Indonesia Photojournalist [...]

FNMW 2014 Phase II: Canon-Nikon Competing Tightly in Entry-level Cameras

Entering the first week of Most Wanted (FNMW) 2014 polling in Phase II, more than 340 FNers ( members) has casted their votes and, of course, the number keeps increasing. Since the Phase I until today (4/2), Canon products in in cameras, lenses to flashes are always on top.
In the group of IDR 10-20 [...]

Urban Transformation in “Klimaks”

Fifteen students of KPY (Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta – a “free of charge” school of photography in Yogyakarta) Class III are now showcasing their photography works as their final project in the school. Entitled “Klimaks,” students from three majors: Photojournalistic; Fashion and Commercial; and Personal Project are highlighting urban transformation as the theme.
Urban transformation does not [...]

FNMW 2014 Entering Phase II: Vote Now!

Today Most Wanted (FNMW) 2014 is entering the Phase II which will be going on until April 24, 2014. In the second phase, you are to vote the top three nominees for each category and sub-category. There have already been more than 800 voters in the Phase I.
Tight competition for the top three positions [...]

Hungary’s New Law Rules Photographers to Ask Permission Before Snapping

From March 15, 2014, anyone takes photos in Hungary without asking permission is considered as illegal. This new civil code requires photographers to get permission from everyone that could be identified in the frame before they snap it.
According to the justice ministry, people taking pictures should look out for those who are not waving in [...]

FNMW 2014: Canon Products in Unwavering Position

Voters in Most Wanted (FNMW) 2014, having released since February 24, have mostly chosen Canon products ranging from cameras, lenses to flash. Organized by, the biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia, the poll is today (3/17) entering the fourth week and Canon has always been on top.
“We are very pleased and proud [...]

FNMW 2014: Landscape Most-wanted, Model Most-uploaded

A polling organized by ( – the biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia – named Most Wanted (FNMW) 2014 ( is entering the third week. Regarding photography genres, the polling result is somewhat contradictory on what the FN members have stated in the poll and what they have uploaded in FN website.
According [...]

“Best of Moment,” A Smartphoneography Exhibition in Surabaya

Nowadays, photography is no longer dominated by DSLR cameras. Advanced technology in smartphone camera offers high-quality images in compact design to its users. Moreover, it has drifted several photographers to take their professional shoots with their smartphones.
A smartphoneography exhibition entitled “Best of Moment” is being held until March 9, 2014 at Plaza Marina, Surabaya. Starting [...]

FNMW 2014: Canon & Nikon, Bromo & Raja Ampat in Tight Competition

Entering the second week of Most Wanted (FNMW) 2014 polling in Phase 1 today (3/3), as many as 592 FNers ( members) has casted their vote and, of course, the number keeps increasing. There are eight categories and several sub-categories in FNMW 2014 to vote.
In the Cameras’ subcategory, DSLR camera with the price under [...]

“IPPHOS – Remastered Edition” in Yogyakarta: Photo Exhibition & Book Launch

After Jakarta, Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (GFJA) collaborating with Divisi Mandiri Pemberitaan Foto Antara is back to present a photo exhibition and book launch with the same tittle “Indonesian Press Photo Service (IPPHOS): Remastered Edition” in Yogyakarta.
The opening and launching were held last Saturday (3/1) at Bentara Budaya, Jalan Suroto No. 2, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta. More [...]