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World’s Smallest Flash from Nikon

Nikon has recently released the Speedlight SB-N5, having an Automatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and series circuitry which supports all Interchangeable lens format cameras with multi accessory ports. These are the key features:

SB-N5 includes a capture illuminator in the form of white LED for Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector.
Bounce angle: Rotated 90 degrees [...]

Using Canon EF Lenses on Micro Four-Thirds Cameras

Redrock Micro has announced today the release of the new Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT. The LiveLens MFT is the first active lens mount to allow Canon EF lenses to be used with any micro four-thirds (MFT) camera body, including the Panasonic AG-AF100, Panasonic GH2, and Olympus E-P3.
Thus, the exceptional sharpness and clarity of Canon optics [...]

Hellolulu Camera Bags Add Fun to Your Travelling

Photography gears taken are commonly stored in serious-looking camera bags. Now, you can add more color and fun to your travelling as Hellolulu—a leading bag manufacturer—has designed special camera bags that fit your photography gears well while also splashing the holiday mood to your trips.

“Pompidoo”, the Revolutionary Handbag for Female Photographers’ DSLRs

Introduced with a title of “pompidoo”, the handbag provides easy quick access to your camera while also ensures elegant and stylish look.

The “pompidoo” bag is specially designed for the busy everyday female photographers, the handbag provides easy quick access to your camera while also ensures elegant and stylish look.

Leica Announces Collaboration With Paul Smith

If you’re a Leica D-Lux 5 owner and have £ 200 to spare, you may want to take a look at the limited edition cases fashion designer Paul Smith has created.
In stores from October 2011, the Paul Smith for Leica cases are available in two styles: chocolate brown calf leather with the famous Paul Smith [...]

New Raincoats for Cameras & Lenses

LensCoat® RainCoat provides protection for your camera and lens from the elements like rain, snow, salt spray, sand and dust while allowing you easy access to the camera and lens controls. The RainCoat comes in two sizes: Pro (for DSLR’s with lenses from 300mm 2.8 – 800mm) and Standard (for DSLR’s with small lenses up [...]

New Lens Mount Adapters for Leica S2 Medium-Format Cameras

Leica has announced a new series of lens mount adapters for the Leica S2 medium-format DSLR cameras. There are three series introduced for different lens systems—the Leica S-Adapter V for Hasselblad V, the Leica S-Adapter P67 for the Pentax 67, and the Leica S-Adapter M645 for the lenses of the Mamiya 645 system.

Case-Adapter Combo Mount Turns iPhone into DSLR Camera

Now, Photojojo has an interesting offer on its online store, providing a combo lens-adapter mount which allows you to use your iPhone with DSLR lenses. The case-adapter combo allows you to use your iPhone’s camera with a wide selection of lenses commonly used with the Canon EOS or Nikon cameras.

Petrol Bags Unveils New DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case

For the busy photographer on the go, Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, now has the ultimate travel solution—the new DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case. The front lid of this semi-hard suitcase-style carrier unzips quickly to reveal a central compartment contoured to comfortably fit up to two DSLR cameras with lenses attached.
Detachable internal dividers help secure [...]

Twig Pod, the Monopod for Compact Cameras

Presented by Photojojo, the Twig Pod is a collapsible ultra lightweight monopod that allows you prop up your compact camera in the outdoor setting by the help of a pointy foot.