Exposure 100th Edition

100th Edition Contents:

  1. Capturing Moments on Dance Stage
    Pay attention to your position for shooting and peak moments of dance movements
  2. The Youngest Royal Servant
    He is just a kid, seven years old, but he has been a royal servant at Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace
  3. Cruising the Amazing Komodo National Park
    Sailing, spending the night on the ship and doing photo hunting are incredible experience
  4. Ribuan Fotografer Turun ke Jalan
    FotograferNet Street Hunting 2016 digelar serentak di puluhan kota
  5. SFI 2017 di Solo
    Setelah Yogyakarta, giliran Solo jadi tuan rumah Salon Foto Indonesia
  6. CPMI 2016 Sedot Lebih 4.000 Peserta
    Helatan tahunan ini digelar di tiga kota: Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Jakarta

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