Thousands of Photographers Joined FNSH 2016

FNSH 2016 in several cities/towns in Indonesia

Carried out simultanaeously last Sunday (10/23), a street photo hunting event – called “FotograferNet Street Hunting (FNSH) 2016” – was attended by thousands of photographers and photography enthusiasts in 37 cities/towns in Indonesia and one city in Japan. In a joyous atmosphere, they went down the streets in their own cities/towns with their cameras to capture interesting moments they encountered.

FNSH is an annual event which is voluntarily organized and open for everyone without considering their community, age, sex, and camera type and brand, and free of charge as well. The participants are only moved by sense of brotherhood and togetherness. In each town/city, the event is usually coordinated by FotograferNet (FN) members or familiarly called FNers.

In Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh Province, the street photo hunting was rousing since the committee also organized a photo contest in the event. There were prizes for contest winners. “It’s been a tradition every year… We also provided doorprizes to make the event more lively,” said Fachrul, one of the event coordinators.

Another interesting street hunting occurred in the capital of Southeast Sulawesi, Kendari. For this year the event was said to be more lively than the previous year. The city government lent them two buses for free to transport all the participants to the hunting location, around 30-minute drive from Kendari. “Different from last year, we carried out the street hunting in Bajo village, Konawe Regency,” explained Iron Afif, the coordinator. With the two buses, the participants were dispatched by the Mayor of Kendari.

Beside in several big cities, the street hunting event was also organized in small town like Namlea, located in Buru Regency, Maluku Province. The hot sunny day did not dampen the participants’ enthusiasm to go down the streets in Namlea.

Last year Makassar was the city with biggest number of participants, and it is again for this year. Around 200 photography enthusiasts participated in the street photo hunting in the capital of South Sulawesi Province. “Even the rain could not dampen their enthusiasm,” said Irwansyah, one of the coordinators.

As in Indonesia, some Indonesian photography enthusiasts in Okazaki, Japan, also participated in FNSH 2016. To see the list of participating cities/towns and how the event was held in each city/town, click here.

The biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia with more than 450,000 members, FotograferNet (FN) has organized FNSH since 2011. Last year, FNSH 2015 was attended by more than 2,700 participants in 54 cities and towns in Indonesia and one in Japan.

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