Record Media Arts Exhibition, An Homage to Risman Marah

Officially opened yesterday evening (10/23) by Deputy Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region, KGPAA Paku Alam X, the Record Media Arts Exhibition themed “Jalan Menuju Media Kreatif #8: Pameran Melepas Purnatugas Risman Marah” (Pathway to Creative Media #8: An Exhibition Dedicated to Retired Risman Marah) is showcasing such various visual works as photography, film and animation.

Taking place at Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, the exhibition is organized by Fakultas Seni Media Rekam (FSMR), Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta (Faculty of Record Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta) as an homage to Risman Marah. Retired from his post in the institute this year, Risman Marah is a founder and the fist dean of FSMR, and known well as a warm, humorous, unique, multi-talented figure of Indonesian photography.

Taken from the exhibition catalogue

Taken from the exhibition catalogue

“The theme was chosen as the appreciation of the institution for Risman Marah’s services, efforts and contributions since FSMR ISI Yogyakarta has started its education program in 1994,” the exhibition curators say in their curatorial note.

Open for public from yesterday night until next Thursday (10/27), the exhibition is presenting Risman’s 40 photos accompanied with other photo works of his fellow Indonesian photographers. Some works of photography, film, animation and game made by his students are showcased as well.

Taken from the exhibition catalogue

“Retirement is an achievement, a perfect accomplishment,” said Paku Alam X in the opening ceremony which was attended by the Dean of FSMR, government officials, Indonesian photography figures and many other photographers and visual works enthisiasts. “(However) photography never ends till the fingertip is not strong enough to press the shutter button,” he added.

Irwandi, the first of Risman Marah’s students who holds doctorate in photography, said that “Pak Risman (the students called him familiarly) is unique… a figure that enlightens and gives a lot of influences to us. We hope he would always have spirit and strength to keep on working and sharing to others, and to give colors to Indonesian photography.”

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