Promoting Sleman’s Traditional Markets through Photos

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Sleman Regency Government in Yogyakarta Province is organizing a photo exhibition showcasing several pictures depicting situation at traditional markets in Sleman. Taking place at Jogja City Mall, the exhibition is open for public from this evening to next Sunday (10/23).

The showcased photos were obtained from the photo contest in which the photo submission was from September 19 to October 15, 2016. Hundreds of photographers from Yogyakarta, Central Java and West Java submitted their works to the contest. Five winners were already announced in the opening ceremony last night (10/20).

Entitled “Pameran Foto Pasar Tradisional dan Momen Satu Abad Sleman” (Sleman’s Traditional Market and Moment of A Century Photo Exhibtion), “Sleman Government has attempted to put forward and promote traditional markets amid the emergence of modern shops,” said Sri Winarti, head of Public Relation Office of Sleman Government.

Beside photos of tradional markets, some photos obtained from the previous photo contest entitled “Momen Satu Abad Sleman” are also showcased in the exhibition. In addition, various traditional snacks from some traditional markets in Sleman are sold in the venue.

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