Exposure 99th Edition

99th Edition Contents:

  1. Documenting Batik Properly
    October 2 is Batik National Day, and here we are sharing an experience how to document the heritage properly
  2. A Life of Borderland Guards in Eastern Indonesia
    Their main duty is securing the borderland, but sometimes they become teachers, chefs, and help others
  3. Alluring Beauty of Outlying Anambas
    Located remotely in the northwestern part of Indonesia, Anambas has a lot of gorgeousness. A must-visit destination
  4. Menjajal Fujifilm GFX 50S
    Kamera mirrorles medium format yang akan dirilis awal 2017
  5. Lomba Foto “Infrastruktur untuk Negeri”
    Pengumpulan karya sampai 20 November, tersedia hadiah besar untuk para juara
  6. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
    Kamera baru ini sudah hadir dengan harga Rp 49 Jutaan (body only)

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