Leica’s New & First Instant Camera

Leica has announced its new and affordable camera, Leica Sofort, which is the company’s first instant camera. Available in orange, white and mint colors, the camera produces spontaneous prints using Leica-branded ISO 800 Instax Mini film packs in color and monochrome.

Equipped with 60mm f/12.7 (34mm in 35mm equivalent) lens, Sofort includes such varied shooting modes as Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro. There are also programs for multiple exposures, time exposures, self-portraits (selfie) and self-timer with two different delays. For selfie shooting, the camera features a rectangular mirror on the front to help selfie framing.

“Focusing distance can be set independently from the selected programme mode,” says Leica in its press release. It offers three focus steps: 30-60 cm (Macro), 60 cm – 3 m ( Standard) and 3 m – infinity (Landscape).

Priced at around USD 299, Leica Sofort will be available in November 2016. Color and monochrome films will be available in packs with 10 exposures each, and color film “will also be available in double packs for 20 pictures,” Leica adds.

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