B&W Underwater Photo Book by Indonesian Hasselblad Master

There have been a lot of underwater photography books but “Monohydra” is claimed to be the first of its kind featuring underwater scenes in black and white. Authored by Hengki Koentjoro – a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, an international award winner and a Hasselblad Master – the fine art photography book shows his mastery in underwater photography done in a rich, contrasty black and white tones.

“I would like to present a book about the undersea beauty which is viewed from the fine-art side,” said Hengki Koentjoro to Exposure. Two things he wants to put forward through his photo book, namely “Still waters run deep” – bringing the audience to wander around their own imagination; and “Little fishes swim upstream” – against the current to create something distinctive. “A journey of creativity which is everlasting and challenging,” he added.

In this (28 x 24 cm) portrait-format book containing 96 pages (plus 12-page booklet) and 48 photos, Hengki wants to show the beauty of Indonesia’s water and marine life. With his diving experiences, he took the photos in several diving spots in Indonesia.

Specially foreworded by world-renowned fine-art photographer Michael Kenna and fine-art gallerist Bob Tobin, the book is now available at Afterhours Bookshop. To find more information on the book and to buy it, click here.

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