UAV Regulation Considered Too General & Hampering Creativity

Photo: 3D Robotics

Indonesian Minister of Transportation has issued Regulation No. 90/2015 on Control for Operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The regulation is considered too general and hampering creativity.

According to CEO & Project Manager of Capung Aerial Photo and Video, Dendi Pratama, there are many types of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), from multirotor, helicam, multicopter, mini UAV until military and surveillance drones. The regulation only defines them with UAV. “Moreover, it is a very general definition,” he said.

UAV classification in several countries is based on dimension, weight, control distance and functions (commercial or non-commercial, video, mapping etc.). “We hope the regulation would be more specific,” said Dendi. To him, controlled and uncontrolled airspace mentioned in the regulation is also unclear in which he expected there would be more detail rules technically.

Operator is also generalized in the regulation; no specific explanation whether the operator is an institution, community or private. There is no classification whether it is hobbyist or professional.

It is feared that the regulation which is too general will be multi-interpreted and cause some difficulties in practice. “It will be funny if a photographer in his vacation at Mt Bromo with his helicam is asked to get permission from the ministry of transportation. It will certainly disturb people in creation,” Dendi explained and added, “It will hamper creative process of the growing aerial photography and videography.”

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