Indonesia Wins World Cup in FIAP Biennial 2015

Photo by Rahmat Takbir (Gold Medal)

The Indonesia team wins the highest award, World Cup, in the international photography event,  FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique/ The International Federation of Photographic Art) 28th Projected Images Biennial 2015. On the second, third and fourth place there are Italy, Germany and Austria respectively.

Photo by Herman Morrison (Silver Medal)

Members of the Indonesia team achieving three highest awards in the same event are Rahmat Takbir (Gold Medal), Herman Morrison (Silver Medal) and I Ketut Raka Bujangga (Bronze Medal). “I am very glad and proud of this victory. I am also proud of being part of the team representing Indonesia in FIAP Biennials 2015. And I am glad that I can introduce Indonesian culture in the event,” said Rahmat Takbir took his winning photo at the Baliem Valley Festival in Wamena, Papua.

Photo by I Ketut Raka Bujangga (Bronze Medal)

The award is also a pride to Herman Morrison whose winning photo depicting a procession of rice washing in Nort Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, wins in the prestigious FIAP event. “I keep thanking God,” he said. Meanwhile, Ketut’s winning photo is about bull race in Bali.

Accoding to Rahmat, the success of Indonesia team cannot be separated from the role of FPSI (Fededrasi Perkumpulan Senifoto Indonesi/Indonesia Federation of Photographic Art Associations) in curating the photos so strictly that they got 20 selected photos to represent Indonesia. “Under the auspices of FPSI, the Indonesia team raised a theme entitled “Rich Culture of Indonesia”,” Herman added.

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