“Java Volcano Eruption” Available Next Week

Between 2010 and 2015, three volcanoes in Java, Indonesia, erupted and claimed many lives and injuries, and destroyed a lot of areas. Mt Merapi (located in Yogyakarta and Central Java) erupted in 2010, and both Mt Kelud (East Java) and Mt Slamet (Central Java)  in 2014.

Toward these natural disasters, a Yogyakarta-based photojournalist, Boy T Harjanto, captured a lot of moments during and after the eruption. Some of his photos are published in his new photography book entitled “Java Volcano Eruption” which will be available next week for IDR 50,000.

Containing 112 pages with 73 images, this self-published book will be distributed at a tourist destination in Yogyakarta, Merapi Lava Tour, since the books are provided for tourists visiting Merapi area. According the author, the book publishing is a kind of effort in documenting the eruption of Merapi, Kelud and Slamet volcanoes so that it can then be a study material on volcano activities.

“Hopefully the book would be a small part of history of volcano eruption occurred in Java Island,” Boy said and added, “This book fills up my journey in dealing with photojournalism.” Previously Boy T Harjanto has published some books like “Merapi 120 FPS,” “Merapi Volcano,” “Erupsi Merapi” and others which have been printed for more than 25,000 copies.

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