Sony A7 & A7R Now Available in Indonesia for Pre-order

Photo by Kristupa Saragih

Introduced in mid-October 2013, Sony Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R are now available in Indonesia for pre-order. Both are the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless system cameras. With the resolution of 24.3 MP for A7 and 36.3 for A7R, they have the highest resolution in mirrorless class.

The cameras was introduced to public in Jakarta last Thursday (12/12) in an event labeled as “Sony Alpha Executive Lounge.” The event was attended by journalists, photojournalists, and photographers from various genres and communities.

The well-known photography shop Focus Nusantara, the host of the event, presented several important figures of Sony Indonesia and Sony Asia-Pacific. Senior Manager of Sony Indonesia Kentaro Hatanaka said, “The excellence of A7 and 7R are on their sophisticated autofocus system.” He compared it with competitors’ AF system.

Senior Manager of Sony Southeast Asia Yuji Toyozumi, who is responsible for interchangeable lens camera marketing in Southeast Asia, explained, “The proce for Alpha 7 and  7R is competitive compared to other brands’ full-frame and mirrorless cameras. With W-Fi transfer and moist & dust resistant features, both cameras should be owned by photographers who want to step-up to full-frame class.”

The sophisticated AF system for A7 and A7R is based on the image processor Bionz X built by Sony’s engineer team. Kimiyasu Namekawa, one of the team members who bore A7 and A7R, said, “The Bionz processor is responsible for image quality and speed and accurate autofocus as well.

“When it is still far from focal point, the processor commands to quickly find the focus. When it is near to focal point, the processor commands lens to carefully halt the focus on the right point,” said Namekawa to Exposure Magz.

L-R: Senior Manager of Sony Indonesia Kentaro Hatanaka, Kristupa Saragih (Exposure Magz, FotograferNet), Senior Manager of Sony Southeast Asia Yuji Toyozumi, member of Alpha 7 & 7R development team Kimiyasu Namekawa.

This Sony Alpha event was also attended by Jakarta Branch Head of Sony Indonesia, Hendra Sjarief, and the owner of Focus Nusantara, Hartono K Halim.

After being launched, Sony A7 and A7R will be soon available in Indonesia. “All Sony cameras with their accessories are available in big cities in Indonesia,” said Hatanaka mentioning several cities in the country.

If you want the cameras now, you can pre-order them via Focus Nusantara. kristupa

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