Exposure 63rd Edition

63rd Edition Contents:

  1. An Effort to Win
    Tips from an award-winning photographer to win photo contest
  2. Tiny Creatures: Up-close and Personal
    Not only shooting and enjoying, but also knowing these lovely tiny creatures
  3. Dreadlock Hair but not Rastafarians
    It grows mysteriously, and it is a bad luck. A cutting ritual is required
  4. Explore Singapore
    Crossing Bridges 10, several photographers from 7 countries in Asia
  5. Canon-FN Event Series
    Workshop & gathering di Makassar: menimba ilmu, membangun persahabatan
  6. Lomba Foto Bulanan
    Foto pemenang Canon-FN Lomba Foto Tema Bulanan
  7. Anggota Seumur Hidup
    Keanggotaan di klub fotografi ini bersifat seumur hidup

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  1. nordine says:

    je voudrai voir les photos publier de mon ami de facebook Shikhei Goh