Batak Inspigraph: Inspiring Photos & Stories

Someone’s success can influence other’s life. As well as motivational or success story books, the book entitled “Batak Inspigraph” is expected to inspire people, especially young generation. It comprises more than 100 Bataknese figures having achieved success, popularity, and given positive effects toward society in Indonesia and worldwide.

“This book can be a history book for the future generation. This book compiles Bataknese achievements in this era, and it will be a valuable reference in the future. Here, we can also find many inspiring moral values from the figures. Hopefully they will get inspiration and role model from this book,” said Edward Tigor Siahaan, the author – a professional corporate and travel photographer.

The photographs in the book are the result of intensive interaction between the photographer (the author) and the figures. They are connected by the sense of trust and appreciation toward an inspiring vision.

“From photography point of view, this book gives practical and easy-to-understand tutorial for newbies  who want to learn portrait photography… Meanwhile, this book is a high quality reference for portrait photography,” said Arbain Rambey, a senior photographer at Jakarta-based Kompas Daily, in his essay in the book.

The 351-page photobook published by Seni Jurnal contains 139 photographs and short profile essays. You can order it now via e-mail for IDR 495,000. The book will be available in book stores starting from February, and its price will be IDR 990,000. shodiq

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