Reuters’ Wider Image: Interactive Storytelling for iPad

Reuters news agency has released the Wider Image App created exclusively for iPad. The app, which is according to Reuters “to bring Reuters photography and information to life through an entirely new interactive experience,” offers in-depth photojournalistic reports shot by Reuters’ photographers across the world.

“The Wider Image was conceived to reimagine the way photojournalism can engage in the evolving media landscape. We challenged ourselves to explain more and bring readers closer to the story. The result is a signature experience on iPad which gives news photography greater impact, depth and interactivity,” said Jassim Ahmad, Global Head of Multimedia Innovation, Reuters.

More than 100 stories are now available and can be enjoyed through your iPad. Each story expands from a single image to give more context through a variety of formats including slideshows, sequences and sounds. “Read, touch and listen and transform the way you see,” said Reuters in its press release.

You can explore the stories by date, location, photographer and themes. You will also be able to receive updates every time a new story is added to the app.

The Wider Image App is available for free from the App Store on iPad. Or, click for more information.

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