Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is Over?

In less than two years since first released in 6 October 2010, Instagram has been one of the highly phenomenal mobile applications worldwide. During the last month, it has also been a hot topic everywhere, particularly for the release of Instagram for Android, which was then followed by the application being acquired by Facebook—one of the biggest social media.

While most people responded positively to the release of Instagram for Android as it means that the application is now available for more excited users, Facebook’s acquirement of Instagram raises some contrasting responses and comments. Though many, especially Facebook lovers, said that the acquirement may bring a good future and new exciting photo-sharing experience, there have been many Instagram users –either those accessing from iOS devices or Android—announced that they would delete Instagram from their mobile devices, as reported by The Huffington Post.

The main issues that caused Instagram users to think that the acquirement is not a good idea is particularly the privacy concerns that come with Facebook, as well as that the acquirement has made Instagram no longer exclusive. Also, “Now that Instagram had a corporate overlord it was totally uncool,” The Huffington Post reported. Facebook’s acquirement has made Instagram users fear that the application will then be ruined by Facebook’s various information or advertisements.

The controversy of the acquirement has even gone further to users starting to find alternative photo-filter applications that will work like Instagram. This, however, leads to a speculation that Instagram may be over soon.

How about you? Do you like Facebook’s acquirement of Instagram and think that this will be a good future for both companies, or do you dislike it and think that Instagram is coming to its end? You can state whichever side you’re on by clicking on the poll below.

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