Nokia Unveils 41MP Smartphone Camera with Pixel-binning Feature

Keep coming with more innovations, Nokia has announced its latest surprising gadget, the Nokia 808 PureView. The smartphone features a 41MP camera with pixel-binning ability.

Unlike other cameraphones that use standard 1/3.2” mobile phone sensor, the Nokia 808 PureView is built with extraordinarily large 1/1.2” sensor—five times larger than the common sensor used in most cameraphones or almost three times the size of sensor used in compact cameras. The great image quality and smart features are the results of the smartphone’s shooting mode which, rather than offering the full resolution, results in 3.5 or 8MP still images.

The photosites will be of the same size as those resulted by most 8.2 MP cameraphone, but the image results are pixel-binned down to a smaller size; it means that the noise is averaged-out multiple pixels. Despite having a fixed lens, the Nokia 808 PureView can offer a 2.8x zoom while preserving the lens’ 15cm minimum focusing distance and the 5MP image output.

Sample image of Nokia 808 PureView

Overall, the most interesting thing is Nokia’s idea of using such high pixel count to offer lower noise or non-interpolated digital zooming while still maintaining the image size at constant level. “5MP-6MP is more than enough for viewing images on PC, TV, online or smartphones. After all, how often do we print images bigger than even A4? [It] isn’t about shooting pictures the size of billboards! Instead, it’s about creating amazing pictures at normal, manageable sizes,” nokia stated in its blog.

Click here for more detailed information on the Nokia 808 PureView. Release date, availability, and pricing is to be informed later.

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