Too Sexy, Student’s Photo for Yearbook Rejected Three Times

Sydney Elizabeth Spies, a 18-year student of Durango High School, Colorado, has got her photos turned down by the school’s yearbook editors. Considered too sexy, the editors rejected all the three modeling photos she had submitted.

As reported by Westword, Sydney had submitted photos for the school’s yearbook approval, of which all were rejected by the editors. After the third submission, the yearbook editors decided to use Sydney’s picture from her school ID card instead of the modeling photos submitted.

Sydney's first photo submission

It all started from Sydney’s first photo submission in January, which showed her wearing “a black shawl, a yellow skirt and more skin than the editors decided was appropriate”. The yearbook’s editors considered Sydney’s photos as being too sexy as they violated the school’s dress code for tops that “fully cover the chest, back, abdomen, and sides of the student”, and therefore claimed those photos as inappropriate to publish in the yearbook.

The case soon became controversial as Sydney and her mother started to lift it up to various local media outlets and gave an argument that she was “just trying to exercise her right to freedom of expression”.

“Some people might think it’s a little bit sexy or inappropriate. But I think it’s artistic. I think it’s a good expression of who I am as a person,” Sydney said in an interview with 9News. “I’m a dancer, I’m trying to be a model, I really enjoy photography and I think that this is a good thing to represent me and I think they are taking away my freedom of expression.”

Meanwhile, on her Facebook profile, Sydney also wrote, “The yearbook adviser and editors have decided to use my school ID picture as my senior photo. Since I went to NY, then had the flu they said I was too late to submit another Sr. picture. They ALSO decided that I couldn’t use the ‘controversial’ picture in my ad anymore that I had already paid for, so I requested my money back. I also dropped my yearbook class because its become a hostile environment.”

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