All about Palembang in FN9 Jelajah Musi

All the participants of FN9 Jelajah Musi (Photo by Hasan Tribuana)

Participating in the celebrating—the biggest online photography community in Southeast Asia—Palembang had just successfully held the FN9 Jelajah Musi (Exploring Musi River) photo hunting and competition on January 14. Aimed to promote Palembang tourism, the event was focused in some of Palembang’s famous spots, including the Bridge of Ampera.

Attended by about 100 participants, the team departed from Benteng Kuto Besak harbor at 7 am, heading to the first shooting location, Kemaro Island, on motorboats. “As the water level was shallow, we had to transfer to several smaller boats to reach the island,” explained Farano Gunawan, Event Manager of, who also participated in the event.

Photomodel session at Kemaro Island (Photo by Farano Gunawan)

Participants shooting the Tanggai welcoming dance (Photo by Dian Novita)

On Kemaro Island, the participants were then joining in a photomodel session at Hok Ceng Bio (a Buddhist monastery), which presented two models from Jakarta, dressed in Tionghoa traditional clothing. Moving on, they headed to the next destination, Kampung Kapitan (located across the Benteng Kuto Besak harbor, separated by Musi river), where they were welcomed by a Tanggai dance performance. The hunting session ran lively, particularly because the location had the renowned Bridge of Ampera as its background.

Back in Benteng Kuto Besak, the participants eagerly submit their photos for a photo competition. While waiting for the three juries—Kristupa Saragih, Palembang professional photographer Rully Trisaputra, and Januardo—the committee gave some doorprizes and had some sharings from the fellow photographers.

The whole event alone was officially opened by Syaidina Ali, Head of Palembang Regional Communication & Information Office, who is also a photographer. Commenting on FN9 Jelajah Musi, he enthusiastically stated, “We will support all photography activities in Palembang in order to help promote the city’s tourism.”

Fun and camaraderie-Kristupa (left) happily chatted with Syaidina Ali (wore hat) and Rully Trisaputra (right) (Photo by Hasan Tribuana)

Previously, the string of FN’s 9th annivrsary in Palembang was initiated by a photo exhibition entitled “Palembang Berbicara”, which was opened by Kristupa Saragih on December 31, 2011. The exhibition displayed 50 photographs from Palembang photographers.

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