Indonesian Photographer Won Grand Prize in National Geographic Photography Award

A stunning image of a dragonfly in the rain has brought Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh to win the grand prize in the prestigious 2011 National geographic Photography Contest.

Snapped both the grand prize as well as the Nature categories award, Goh’s winning photograph has beaten out more than 20,000 other entries submitted by more than 130 photographers—either amateurs or professionals—all around the globe.

Photo courtesy of Shikhei Goh

Depicting a spectacular image of a dragonfly in the rain, Goh took the macro photograph in Riau. “(I took it) as I normally did during macro photo hunting,” he wrote in a photo caption.

Meanwhile, Tim Laman—one of the three judges—praised Goh’s photograph, “It is a very striking macrophotography image that rose to the top of the Nature category for me of its originality, beautiful light, rare action in a close-up image, as well as its technical perfection.”

Besides receiving a US$10,000 prize, Goh will also have his photograph published in the international edition of National Geographic magazine.

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