Easy Bounce Pop-up Flash Diffuser for Nikon

Though the DSLR camera’s built-in flash may save us for a while when taking pictures under insufficient light, the results are sometimes out of expectation; it may produce too much reflection or imbalanced artificial contrast.

Such problem can now be handled with the Easy Bounce Pop-up flash diffuser—addressed for use on Nikon DSLR cameras. You just have to slide the installation adapter into the camera’s hotshoe. When the reflective plate is separated from the body, you can even use the diffuser as an omnibounce-type diffuser.

With an easy installation, the pop-up flash diffuser works quite as good as an external flash does. It turns your built-in flash into a softer, more natural light source. The pop-up flash diffuser is available for purchase on eBay for US$29.95 (about Rp 270,000). You can study the details of installation here. nikonrumors.com

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