A T-shirt of Rp 1 Million, 150 Photography Enthusiasts in Medan Gathering

All photos by Widi Artono

In an atmosphere of friendliness and a touch of tropical air, more than 150 photography enthusiasts gathered  in Medan on Sunday (10/23). Running from around noon to late afternoon, the gathering was enlivened with such sessions as photo sharing, autographed-T-shirt auction and model shooting.

Taking place at Kenanga Indonesia Restaurant, the event is a string of the Canon & Fotografer.net Gathering Series 2011. A day before in the same city, the Canon & Fotografer.net Workshop 2011 was held at Aryaduta Hotel.

“Although this gathering is sponsored by Canon, it doesn’t prevent you as users of other camera brands to join in,” said Kristupa Saragih, founder of Fotografer.net, in his opening speech. The event is known free of charge and open for all photography lovers.

Kristupa also emphasized the openness and neutrality of the event. “Fotografer.net is not a (photography) club,” he said, “Out there you may have different background, different profession, different club and so on. Henceforth, we organize this neutral event so that everyone is welcomed, no matter what club you are from. This is the way if we want a betterment in photography.”

Beside some quizes and doorpizes, four fellow photographers from this capital of North Sumatra shared their photos and experience in photography. They were Taufan Wijaya, Ferry Dika, Ferdy Siregar and Sayid Budi who respectively shared about photojournalism, fashion photography, human interest shots and landscape photo hunting.

As in two previous gatherings, Makassar and Balikpapan, Fotografer.net launched its new T-shirt products. After being autographed by Kristupa Saragih, the two T-shirts were then auctioned.

The auction was rousing since all the gathering attendees seemed to be very enthusiastic in joining the session. It was so surprising that one of the T-shirts fetched Rp 1 million in the auction, and Rp 600.000 for the oter one. It was the highest result compared to Makassar and Balikpapan auction. The fund will be donated to several photography clubs existing in Medan.

Following the auction was model shooting session. The participants were all invited to shoot five female models, and they were free to choose the models to be photographed.

The participants looked fun in this closing session where they could freely explore every pose and beauty of each model. Meanwile, the models also looked cooperative when the photographers tried to direct them. The session ended in late afternoon.

It was the seventh gathering in Medan; six previous gatherings were in Makassar, Balikpapan, Denpasar, Jakarta, Manado and Semarang. Surabaya in East Java Province will be the next city to hold gathering and workshop as well.

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  1. Ricky says:

    To mas2 : Fotografernet n Canon, makasi banyak atas kunjungan di Medan, harapan tetap Maju n Berkembang Fothogaraph in Indoneia,
    kapan lagi back to Medan