In-hand Preview: Canon EOS-1D X

The new Canon EOS-1D X 18-MP professional camera, replacing EOS-1Ds Mk III & EOS-1D Mk IV.

The rumors about new Canon camera release is answered today (10/18) by official announcement of Canon EOS-1D X. The announcement is worldwide. And I was invited by Datascrip, as Canon distributor in Indonesia, for a dinner in Jakarta tonight to have an in-hand preview of Canon EOS-1D X.

The new Canon EOS-1D X and me in Jakarta today (10/18).

It’s quite long time after the release of Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III in 2007 and Canon EOS-1D Mark IV in 2009, people wait for the successors. Canon answered it today by merging the top line-ups into Canon EOS-1D X. There will be no more EOS 1Ds Mark IV.

The new camera will replace EOS-1Ds Mk III & EOS-1D Mk IV. (Photo by Kristupa Saragih)

This juggernaut combination is interesting, to merge both ultimate photo and video capability into a single camera body. EOS-1D X is a full-frame camera with 18.1-MP resolution, inheriting image quality from EOS-1Ds Mark III. It has a drive speed of  12 frames per second, the fastest in the world at this moment, inheriting the speed from EOS-1D Mark IV.

From in-hand preview tonite in Jakarta, I noticed some buttons additions. There are multicontrol buttons in the back side for both horizontal and vertical positions. Vertical multicontrol button is missed in EOS-1D X predecessors. AF point positioning becomes easier.

New multifunction buttons in front side of the Canon EOS-1D X for both horizontal & vertical positions. (Photo by Kristupa Saragih)

There are new multicontrol buttons in front side, for both vertical and horizontal positions, which are very useful. There are two buttons each, for AF drive mode and depth-of-field preview.

There are two memory card slots in EOS-1D X, both for CF cards. It differs from its predecessors which provide two slots for CF and SD cards. One of new things in EOS-1D X is the presence of ethernet RJ-45 for data transfer.

Ethernet RJ-45 terminal in Canon EOS-1D X (Photo by Kristupa Saragih)

This high-speed camera might handle ISO sensitivity as high as ISO 51,200, and up to ISO 204,800. Image quality is handled by dual Digic 5+ processors and Digic 4.

Canon EOS-1D X's maximum ISO sensitivity is 51,200 and can be expanded up to 204,800. (Photo by Kristupa Saragih)

EOS-1D X also features multiple exposure capability. It’s simply done on camera. Number of pictures for multiple exposure is limited to 9 frames.

For videography works, EOS-1D X is the real workhorse. Better picture quality comes from new CMOS sensor. Its pixel size is bigger than those of EOS 5D Mark II.

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  1. Very very good camera, like it so much.