Palembang Movement: Self-sufficient Gathering of 159 Photographers

The capital of South Sumatra, Palembang made a movement yesterday (10/3). There were 159 photographers from South Sumatra and surroundings attending the gathering organized by members – popularly called FNers – in Palembang. It was a full day of joyful friendship under their newly introduced motto “Together We Can Be Better.”

Mostly attendees came from Palembang, but the participants also came as far as from Baturaja and Muara Enim, and some major regions in South Sumatra. There were even contingents from neighboring provinces: 5 photographers from Jambi, 4 from Bangka Belitung, 1 from Lampung and 2 from Kepulauan Riau, including Sina Sulaeman, moderator from Batam. It is not to mention some unofficial registered attendees.

All participants enjoyed their time of gathering by attending photo shooting at Dekranasda, Jakabaring, yesterday afternoon. The atmosphere even got warmer and more friendly in the evening in dinner and sharing session.

“The gathering is fabulous. It’s a self-supporting and self-sufficient event organized by FNers of Palembang, with no national-scale sponsors involved, only local ones,” said Kristupa Saragih, founder of, who also attended the gathering.

The gathering committee also announced 6 winners of on-the-spot photo competition which all was discussed by judges Kristupa Saragih and Rully Trisaputra – a well-known pro photographer in South Sumatra and also moderator in

“People need figures who they can follow and from whom they may learn,” said Chairman of Gathering Committee Jhonny Satria. “We also need major photography events to be held in Palembang in routine basis,” added Jhonny.

To have a crowd in single event such as a gathering yesterday in Palembang, “It was incredible,” said Rully Trisaputra. “It is a proof of great zest of photography enthusiasts in Palembang. We also would like to let people know the importance of community for photographers.”

Both Johnny and Rully said that Palembang might have upcoming photography events in near time. On sponsorship issue, they stated it open for any party to support and to be involved.

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  1. keren acaranya…
    seneng bisa gabung kemaren…
    pesertanya banyak walau diadakan di hari senin…
    I love Monday pokoknya….
    Salut buat FNers Palembang..
    salam :)