Canon Photo Marathon 2011 Yogyakarta: 564 Photos, 18 Winners & Firework Party

The winners of Canon Photo Marathon 2011 Yogyakarta (Photo by Widiana M.)

Today, Canon PhotoMarathon Indonesia 2011 has just been held in the complex of Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. More than 800 photographers were joining in the event, divided into two categories—DSLR and pocket camera.Taking almost a whole day—started very early at 7 am, the event lasted very lively to 7 pm.

Both categories had the same themes contested—“Stone” and “Green”. Participants were allowed to take pictures anywhere within the area of the temple. Some hunted around the Ramayana Ballet Open Stage, while some others went further into the temples and the ruins nearby.

“In its first time in Yogyakarta, the Canon PhotoMarathon Indonesia derived good response from photography enthusiasts. Many joined the event held on Saturday in which it is still an office or school day for some people in this city. We are grateful for the enthusiasm of Yogyakarta toward this big event,” said Merry Harun, Director of Canon Division of PT Datascrip.

Photo by Widiana M.

While the photos were submitted for judging, the participants were invited to join a photography workshop at the Trimurti Building. Presented by Arbain Rambey, senior photographer for Kompas Daily—the workshop discussed mostly on photojournalism and its need to be honest.

“We always think that photojournalism is totally realistic. In fact, sometimes we don’t know that many of popular journalism photos are not really true; sometimes even the world-renowned photos are results of editing or manipulation,” explained Arbain while showing several popular journalistic photos that had been manipulated. He added, “But, that’s not what it supposed to be. Photojournalism should always be honest, realistic, and manipulation-free.”

Model shooting session was held after the workshop, and there were five female models posing in front of hundreds of participants. When the session ended, a music band performed at the main stage entertaining the participants who awaited the awarding ceremony.

Photography workshop with Arbain Rambey (Photo by Widiana M.)

Previously, Sintra Wong, Marketing Manager of Canon Image Communication Product Division, PT Datascrip, expressed his excitement of holding the event in two major cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. “I am very excited of this project; participants are all very enthusiastic,” he said. The contest had been a lot of fun, especially when the committee presented a huge tart cake as today is Sintra’s birthday.

“There are approximately 800 participants registered for the competition with 85% DSLR participants and 15% pocket ones,” Sintra added. With 564 photos submitted to the committee, it means that some participants did not submit their photos for the competition.

Participants queuing for photo submitting (Photo by Widiana M.)

The participants’ great interest was shown by the number of the photos submitted, which reached a total of 564 photos—502 in DSLR category, and 62 in pocket camera. The juries—David Yeo (Singapore) and Kristupa Saragih and Risman Marah (Indonesia) then selected 18 winners out of the photos submitted. The first, second, and third winners for the “Stone” theme in pocket category are Zaid Muhari Rahman, Nurwidiyantoro Permono, and Muhammad Sujai. Meanhile, the “Green” theme are won by Dien Rahmawati (first prize), Catur Andrianto (second prize), and Juang Panjaitan (third prize). The third winners from each theme fetched a unit of Canon PowerShot A3300 IS pocket camera, the second winners each got a unit of Canon PowerShot SX130 IS pocket camera, while the first winners each won a unit of Canon PowerShot SX230 HS pocket camera.

Hunting session with models (Photo by Widiana M.)

Photo by Hubert Januar

Meanwhile, the prizes for DSLR category were fetched up by 12 winners—6 winners for each theme. The “Stone” theme were won by YB Aditya Pangestu (first prize), Muhammad Saiful (second prize), and Astadi Priyanto (third prize), while the “Green” theme were won by Ganang Setiadi (first prize), Hardy Wiratama (second prize), and Ratna Wijayanti (third prize). The firts winners of each theme fetched a unit of Canon EOS 60D (body only) DSLR camera, while the second and third winners each respectively won a unit of Canon EOS 550D (body only) and a unit of Canon EOS 1100D (kit) DSLR camera. The DSLR category also gave each a unit of Canon PowerShot G12 camera to 4 honorable mentions—Isna Kurniawati and Muchamad Ardani for the “Stone” theme and Budi Santoso and Muhammad Farhan for the “Green” theme.

Besides the prizes, the first and second winners from the pocket category also won the chance to attend a 4-day photo clinic in Bali, along with the first, second, and third winners from the DSLR category. Giving a speech before the awarding, Kristupa Saragih remarked that all photos submitted were exceptionally great. “If you don’t win, it doesn’t mean that your photo isn’t good; it is only that you need to do more and try harder,” he encouraged the participants, which was then answered by a huge applause.

For the DSLR category, in addition to the winners and honorable mentions, the juries had also chosen a photo from each theme as the favorite winner. The prize, a unit of Polygon Premiere 2.0 bike presented by Polygon, were fetched up by S. Cahya Diyanto (“Stone” theme) and Dionysius Desembrianto (“Green” theme).

Representative of Canon Division and the sponsors (Photo by Widiana M.)

Firework show with Prambanan Temple at the background (Photo by RB Isworo)

Photo by RB Isworo

The whole event was closed by a wonderfully merry firework party. With Prambanan Temple as the background, fireworks exploded in the sky, and many of the participants spiritedly captured the moment. Talking about the future of the event, Sintra stated optimistically, “We are looking forward to coming back to Yogyakarta again for next year’s photo marathon.”

Beside Yogyakarta, the CPMI will also be held in Jakarta at Eco Park, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, on October 1. The prizes for Jakarta winners are a litlle bit different from Yogyakarta, particularly for the first prize winner who will join photo clinic in Tasmania, Australia. The CPMI is part of Canon PhotoMarathon Asia held also in Singapore, India, Vietnam and Malaysia. 


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