So Special in Manado Gathering

Photo by Christian Pallai

The Canon & Gathering Series 2011 in Manado ran very well and in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie from morning till late afternoon yesterday (9/11). Besides, there was something special which was not found in the previous gatherings in MakassarBalikpapan, Bali and Jakarta.

Attended by more than 120 photography enthusiasts from Manado and other towns – Gorontalo, Kotamobagu, Biak and Jayapura, Ternate, Palu – took place at Tasik Ria Resort, about 20 kms from Manado, where we could enjoy beach breeze and sunset. The introductory dive session seemed to be the most special program in which some participants could have the basic of Scuba diving guided by professional divers.

Photo by Farano Gunawan

The intro dive was carried out at a pool in the resort area. “We got some basics of diving like how to breath with diving gears, how to float in the water,” said Ilias Irawan, a gathering participant from Biak.

“Manado is special, isn’t it? You don’t find it in other gatherings,” said James Pelealu from a local committee talking about the intro dive session.

Photo by Christian Pallai

While the intro dive was running, a photo session was held at some spots in the resort area. Six female models were involved in the session, so that the participants were divided into several groups to shoot.

Previously in the morning, all the participants gathered at a place in the gathering area where Valens Riyadi, a founder of, gave a welcoming speech. Two speakers of the workshop held a day before, Harlim and Yadi Yasin, conveyed their impressions about the events in Manado.

Photo by Valens Riyadi

Photo by Valens Riyadi

After lunch in the same place, they joined in a photo sharing session. Toar Panthouw, a diver and underwater photographer as well from Manado, shared his photos and how to do underwater photography. It was then followed by another photo sharing by Zulkifli Yusuf from Gorontalo.

Intro dive session and model shoot were held in the afternoon after coffee break. The gathering ended after the sunset.


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