Nikon to Produce Mirrorless Lens & Sensor Mount

Rumor has it that Nikon is to produce compact mirorless lens and sensor mount. The rumor is based on the images of Nikon’s mirrorless camera system that has leaked onto the web. The image shows that the mount is not an F-mount, which means that the camera won’t be using the existing Nikon lenses—at least, without an adapter.

The image also reveals that the sensor is smaller than the APS-C format. According to several members of the Xitek forum, where the image leaked, the upcoming mirrorless camera will have an image sensor like the Pentax Q system. Speculations are still rising about the final result of the camera; some predicted that the result will be a low-end camera, while some others predicted that the camera will offer qualities equivalent to Micro Four Third ones.

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