Pentax Sells Camera Business to Ricoh

Reported by Hoya, it is announced that Ricoh is buying Pentax’s camera business. The $124 million-worthy deal is planned to be taking effect later this year—scheduled to be in October.

As written on the official statement published by both Ricoh and Pentax, the buying of Pentax’s camera business aims to support the three plans Ricoh has set—to enhance Ricoh’s digital camera business, to create value-added businesses for taken photographs, and to expand to other fields.

Historically, Ricoh has once manufactured a SLR camera series—the KR-Super II as shown in the picture—which is basically a Pentax K1000 knockoff. Pentax, on the other hand, has been widely renowned for its solid cameras, though the company might have been said to lose quite a grip in the camera market in competition with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and other companies. However, it is hoped that the Ricoh/Pentax business relationship will do well for both parties.

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