“Ban the Iron Sand Mining” Photo Exhibition: Solidarity Act for Kulon Progo Off-shore Farmers

In effort of continuously spreading information on corporate and government injustice, the Solidarity Act for Kulon Progo Off-shore Farmers—an open group to support off-shore farmers in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, against iron sand mining in their lands—holds a photo exhibition. Entitled “Tolak Tambang Pasir Besi (Ban the Iron Sand Mining)”, the photo exhibition will take place at the basement of Building V, STMIK Amikom, North Ring Road, Yogyakarta.

About five photographers from various backgrounds—either university press or independent individuals—will participate in the exhibition, displaying more than a dozen of photos describing the struggle of off-shore farmers in Kulon Progo against iron sand mining in their farmlands. Several documentary photos—courtesy of Paguyuban Petani Lahan Pantai (PPLP) Kulon Progo—will also be exhibited.

As previously reported on local and national mass media, the iron mining corporation PT Jogja Magasa Iron (JMI) has unfairly undertaken a vast area of farmlands belong to off-shore farmers in Kulon Progo and settled an iron sand mining over the land. Latest news also reported that the authority has also held captive of Tukijo, the leader of PPLP, way improperly, since May 1. “The photo exhibition is one of the ways we take to actually give support to the off-shore farmers in struggling against corporate and governmental crime,” said Al Prasetyo, one of the activists of the Solidarity Act for Kulon Progo Off-shore Farmers.

Along with the photo exhibition, the solidarity act will also include a discussion with farmers of PPLP, film screening telling the story of their struggle against such injustice, and art permorfance. The solidarity act will be held on May 12 at 5 pm. The event is open for free; everyone is invited and welcomed. For more information, please visit the event’s page on Facebook.

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