Jakarta’s Gathering & Workshop

Perhaps, nothing could be more fun than to be attending the Jakarta’s gathering and workshop by Canon and Fotografer.net (FN) held on May 22 and 23, 2010. For photography enthusiasts, especially the members of FN forum, these events were so meaningful because they were given information, knowledge, gifts, and some things that were not less important; fine beverages and drinks. About a hundred photographers, both amateur and professional, attended both events.

Photo by Wiwin Yulius

In the gathering, which was held at the Galeri Cafe at Taman Ismail Marzuki (Cikini, Jakarta), Valens Riyadi, one of the two founders of FN, gave out some information about FN online forum and the next offline events, the have-not-yet-launched applications and upgrades on the Exposure Magazine. He also answered some questions related to FPE (Photographer of the Editor’s Pick), the design of FN’s homepage, rules applied at the online forum, etc.

After that, Edy Singomoto shared his knowledge and experience on still life, stage and model photography, while Gathot Soebroto shared his snapshot photos when he was visiting Sakai and Kansai city in Japan.

Photo by Wiwin Yulius

On the next day, the “Basic Studio Lighting” workshop was held at Datascrip’s Penthouse. Darius Manihuruk revealed some of his photos that Wiwin Yulius, the MC, said are “odd” – no shadow, overexposure and unusual framing. After Darius gave an example of how to conduct a photo session with sophisticated lighting in studio, the participants were divided into eight groups; each was given one model with different spot and lighting set.


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