BMW M3 GT’s Commercial Making with Canon 5D Mark II

Photo by Andrew Murphy

One of the hottest topic in the U.S. today is the production of the latest BMW M3 GT commercial. This commercial, made also to celebrate the 35th anniversary of BMW North America’s incorporation, was shot with some Canon EOS 5D Mark IIcameras; one of some DSLRs that records video in 1080p HD.

This kind of camera was chosen to “conquer” the annually-held 12 Hours of Sebring race track in Florida, and as a matter of fact, 5D Mark II could record M3 in high-speed, low to the ground, with a jittery guerilla-style look. Apparently, one of BMW’s pro drivers, Dirk Muller, was being too aggressive while following the other M3 and accidentally rammed one of the camera bodies with a likely similarly priced lens.

Three cameras were across the rig at the rear. The front rig carried similar mounts and cameras as did the rig in the in place of the passenger door. The premier of the commercial was aired on SPEEDTV during the 58th 12 Hours of Sebring race on March 17-20; enjoy it on Youtube,

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